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Food Delivery Service App like Just Eat UK
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How to Develop a Food Delivery Service App like Just Eat UK?

Manav Patel,

Do you ever crave your favorite food but, at the same time, don’t want to go to a restaurant? Are you a big-time foodie who needs to munch several times a day? Well, we know you are smiling right now at the thought of food because who can resist lip-smacking food after all?

However, it’s not always possible to visit a restaurant to put those cravings to rest. Sometimes, you are stuck at work, sometimes the restaurant is far away, and there might be hundreds of other reasons. So, what to do when the cravings are irresistible?

A food delivery service app development is the solution! It’s the key to satisfying your taste buds. A food delivery app is a game-changer for both the users and the food delivery businesses, and that is the reason behind its soaring success. 

One food delivery app known among users for its great service and convenience is Just Eat UK. It has always stuck to its quality and convenient food delivery service app. As a result, many startups are interested in making an app like Just Eat UK of their own. 

Do you think you have the potential to develop a food delivery service app and dominate the industry? Have you wondered how you can begin with the food takeaway delivery app development? If yes, you must peep into the business model of a highly successful food takeaway app like Just Eat UK and see how it works.

What exactly is Just Eat UK? Here’s a little history. 

Just Eat UK is a British online food order and delivery app that satisfies the food cravings of millions of users throughout the UK. The app came to life in 2001 and since then, the company has also grown and expanded in other countries. Today, the app operates in around 13 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Oceania, and America. 

The secret behind its ever-growing success is the convenience it provides. The app makes it easier for people to search nearby local takeaway restaurants, place their orders and pay online. 

What makes Just Eat UK so popular? 

Just Eat UK app offers undoubtedly a popular food delivery service app that fulfills the cravings of millions of users. The question is, why is it so popular? Let’s brief it out for you. 

Here’s how Just Eat UK stands out from the rest

  • A wide range of global cuisines and menus
  • Personalized search results 
  • Use postcode to find nearby restaurants 
  • Multiple local menus at fingertips
  • Discover, list, and filter restaurants by name and reviews
  • Multiple payment options
  • Reorder favorite meals from the order history 
  • Log in with your existing Just Eat account 

Just Eat UK’s revenue model in a nutshell

Just Eat operates on a hybrid market business model. This means some of its restaurant partners utilize their own delivery while with others, it works together to fulfill the delivery of the orders.

Here is how Just Eat makes money

Restaurant commission

A major part of Just Eat’s revenue comes from the commission that the restaurants pay for each order placed through the app. On average, Just Eat charges a commission between $10 to $20

Delivery and service fee 

Along with the restaurant commission, Just Eat also charges a delivery fee and service fee. The delivery fee depends on the distance traveled by the delivery agent, and the service fee includes payment processing fees

Apart from these two mediums, it also earns money through

  • Sponsored advertisements on the app
  • Merchandise and packing sales
  • Interchange fees 

Key features of food delivery service app development 

We will now explore the features of each app involved in an on-demand food delivery service app like Just Eat. 

Customer app features

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Effortless registration
  • Loyalty programs
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Push notifications
  • Order tracking
  • Track order status 
  • Location-based restaurant search

Restaurant app features

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Handling orders
  • Payment history 

Delivery agent app features 

  • Register
  • Login
  • Order handling
  • Status updates
  • Location tracking  

What is the estimated cost to develop a food delivery service app like Just Eat UK?

The cost to develop a food delivery service app like Just Eat depends on various factors such as features of the app, complex functionality, customized features, add-ons and integrations, and much more. You can explore the other factors that affect the variation in cost here. 

Apart from it, the cost also varies from one mobile app development company to another, depending on the location of the company. Thus, if you want to hire mobile app developers on a budget, you can hire an Asian-based software development company to build your app.

Moreover, you can hire mobile app developers from our renowned Asian-based mobile app development company.  We will help you build an app as convenient and successful as Just Eat UK. 

Let’s wrap up

Food takeaway delivery app development has transformed the food ordering experience for users globally. After all, who doesn’t like to get hot sizzling food delivered at their home without stepping out at all? Not just that, these apps have also helped restaurant owners to gain new customers online. Thus, it benefits one and all. 

So, why not benefit from developing a food delivery service app like Just Eat UK? Anyway, we can help you become an industry leader with the best food delivery app development solution. 

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