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Detailed Guide to Health Monitoring App Development Like MyChart

Sanjay Kidecha,

Health monitoring app development is an innovative solution for communicating medical information in a quick, reliable, detailed, secure, and convenient manner. Users can store and transmit health data, including blood test results, medical consultation reports, lab results, and more. Consequently, such healthcare apps let users track their own health conditions to promote self-management, review past trends, and view and pay their medical bills.

Above all, healthcare monitor apps like MyChart help patients centralize their healthcare records by connecting their other healthcare organization accounts. Thereby the app users can share their information with other healthcare professionals in a few clicks when required. For example,

Suppose you feel sick while vacationing in a different state or country and need urgent care. Now, if you have been storing your health data on an online health monitoring app like MyChart, you can retrieve your usual creatinine level, normal echocardiogram, or current medication list. With such information available at your disposal can help you take care of your health in a foreign land, avoiding duplications of services.

On that account, developing a health monitoring app is becoming more popular and an integral part of the world of healthcare. Apparently, they provide easy access to health information and updated medical records, which can be used for patients, doctors, nurses, and other health care providers. But before you start questioning the MyChart app, let’s get acquainted with it. 

MyChart app

MyChart is a patient portal powered by an Epic software system used by worldwide healthcare organizations. The app was developed by Sunnybrook in 2005 and became widely available in 2007. Patients and healthcare organizations are MyChart’s target audience. Over 428 healthcare organizations and 100M patients use Epic’s MyChart app.

According to a press release, More than 800,000 people downloaded the MyChart app in March for virtual care. That’s more than double the same period in 2019. People use the app in place of visits that would generally happen in people, such as pediatric check-ups, behavioral health, and cardiac rehab.

In addition, MyChart is a no-cost health monitor app and does not require a clinician’s consent. Moreover, anyone can access the app with Internet access and has a simple interface. 

MyChart is embedded in EPIC’s electronic health record that provides patients with controlled access to medical records their doctors use. Also, it offers self-service functions designed to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. So, when patients open their MyChart account, they see pieces of their medical records allowed by their healthcare providers. And just like that, patients get complete access to their clinical information. 

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business model of MyChart

The business model of MyChart is pretty straightforward. 

Epic’s patient portal allows users to message their doctors, complete questionnaires, schedule appointments,  attend e-visits, and have family and personal health information at their fingertips. However, the app doesn’t charge anything from patients. But what patients can access depends on features their healthcare providers have enabled. 

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To clarify, Epic generates revenue via a combination of upfront fees for its software and ongoing upgrade, maintenance, and service fees. Noteworthy, these charges are related to EMR products and solution development and not patient portal MyChart.

Let us shed some light on features to make an app like the MyChart health monitoring app.

Health Monitoring App Development

Features For An Effective Health Monitoring App Development

Nowadays, health monitoring apps are being developed for both smartphones and wearable technology, such as smartwatches. Some apps like MyChart also offer integration with Google Fit to pull the data from external devices into the app. 

Ultimately, these applications have been shown to give doctors real-time data about patients’ physical activities and stress levels. This way, doctors can spot problems before they develop into a full-fledged disease. Coming back to features, below are the top-rated functionality for any health monitoring application.

  • View ER wait times,
  • View test results,
  • Send and receive messages,
  • Visit summaries for past appointments,
  • View your health summary, including allergies,
  • Price estimates for the cost of care,
  • Schedule and confirm upcoming appointments and view immunizations, current health issues, and medications,
  • View preventive care procedures and when they are due,
  • Request medication refills,
  • Share your medical record securely,
  • Access family members’ charts
  • Push notifications when new information appears

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3 Best Practices for Developing a health monitoring app like MyChart

The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Because many countries have a universal health care system and they want to make sure that patients are getting the best care possible. The following are three best practices for developing a successful health monitoring app.

– The app should be easy to use and provide a transparent, step-by-step process for users to follow.

– It should be able to interact with other apps on the user’s phone so that it can send them notifications about their health when needed.

– It should have a strong focus on security so that patient data does not get leaked or lost.

Develop Health Monitoring App

How to Choose The Right Mobile App Development Company For Your Healthcare Needs

With the rapid increase in the number of smartphone users, mobile apps have become a trend in healthcare. Mobile apps provide a convenient and accessible way to stay healthy and manage chronic diseases.

But to offer a practical solution, choosing the right mobile app development company is crucial. Your healthcare app developers should be able to produce high-quality, well-designed apps that are accessible and follow all the necessary regulations.

Some things you must take into consideration hiring mobile app developers include:

1) The UI/UX design and quality of their previous app projects,

2) Their expertise in designing mobile applications for healthcare,

3) The cost of their services,

4) How quickly they can deliver your project,

5) How much time do they need to develop your project,

6) Their quality assurance strategies,

7) What kind of post-development support do they offer.

Cost to Develop an app like MyChart

How much does it Cost to Develop an app like MyChart?

The health monitoring app development cost ranges from $10000 to $50000 and more. If you have been reading our blogs, you must have known by now that app development cost varies based on several factors. On top of that, the industry and type of your project play a vital role as app functionality, design, technology, API integration, and many aspects differ in different sectors. But what affects the cost most is the location of developers.

It goes without saying that app developers charge hourly, and their rate changes according to their geographical location. Typically, the hourly rate of developers from developed countries like the USA and UK tends to be high compared to developing and underdeveloped countries. 

One more aspect is there that affects the hourly rate and the ultimate cost, i.e., expertise. Hiring experienced healthcare developers from the USA can make a fine hole in your pocket. Note that after launching your health monitoring app, you will need developers for creating new features, updating design, and maintaining high quality. 

In other words, your relationship with healthcare developers will be long-term. Therefore, you must decide whom to hire, keeping the cost and your app’s future in mind.

On that note, I would love to suggest consulting your project with our healthcare technology expert. We are a healthcare app development company with considerable experience in the domain. You won’t have to worry about the high cost as our rates are very moderate and pocket-friendly. We can discuss the rest when you connect with us. We’ll be waiting for your details!

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