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Housing Community Management Mobile App Like MyGate
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How to start a business by developing a Smart Housing Community Management Mobile App like MyGate?

Manav Patel,

MyGate is a successful community management app used across India. This app’s features and functionality are quite intriguing that we wish to highlight them specifically for the entrepreneurs who want to build an app like MyGate. In this blog, you will find out answers to questions like, “What is MyGate,” “How much is the cost to develop an app like MyGate,” “How to use an app like MyGate,” and “What are the features of MyGate.”

“Ding-Dong,” this sound no longer surprises the house residents because they now know who is outside the door. With the aid of the best community management solution like MyGate, residents can know who came into the society and when! The app-based apartment management is specially designed for gated communities where users can secure their homes and manage the incoming visitors and domestic helpers.

This niche is yet in its infancy, and the applications are mushrooming at a slow pace. However, the residential security market is expected to cross $74.7 billion by 2023. These lucrative market stats have inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop security and community management apps like MyGate.

We expect that you, too, are eager to find out more about community management app development. And why not? Even Reliance couldn’t resist itself and launched the JioGate app last year. So let us help you make an app like MyGate with the help of our blog. To begin with,

Introduction to MyGate:

MyGate is one of the early entrants in this genre. Even though it was founded in 2016, it has raised around $10million from Prime Venture Partners. The application headquarter is in Bengaluru and operates in around 11 major cities of India.

It has grabbed the title of being the best community management solution because of the vast user base it has captured in such a short span of time. MyGate has around 60 million users and 2.5 million homes under its functioning. It is a one-stop-unique-solution that allows users to manage entries with a single click.

MyGate is the most trustable and highest downloaded application amongst gated communities. The developing cities are eager to be a part of MyGate list, and the company definitely has plans to expand its reach. The expansion may lead them to associate themselves with real-estate developers and brokers to help people buy houses in urban cities.

Who can use a housing community management app development like MyGate?

MyGate is a digital solution that simplifies the daily lives of people. Users of all ages having access to mobile devices can use the MyGate application. However, the users have to list their society in the app to access the application.

Housing Society Management App Development like mygate

How does an app like Mygate work? What are the Features of the MyGate app that make it unique?

One thing is pretty clear that the mobile app design process of the MyGate app is impressive. Also, the team of this application would have set clear goals during the Lean Canvassing and Prototyping because of which the outcome is so brilliant.

Well, a word of suggestion: You can also connect with us or hire our mobile app developers for your excellent community management app development. Our creative heads would leave no stone unturned in delivering an app solution that surpasses your expectations.

We will begin with the onboarding process (specifically how the MyGate application deals with it):

Users can sign up for the application using an email id or a phone number.

The user then logs in, s/he has to select a city they live in. Moving further, the application asks them to set up their profile by collecting their gated community information in detail, including the tower number and block/flat number.

Once this is done, the user has to wait until the admin allows them into society.

The application has a ready database of all the house helps, including drivers, maids, cooks, gardeners, vegetable vendors, paperboys, and everyone.

The application also shows the list of residents along with their phone numbers on the app.

Users can add emergency contact information where the security will connect in case of any emergency.

The application also shows an up-to-date notice board with all the information released by the society committee.

The application also allows users to host meetings, pools, and discussions amongst society members.

Users can also upload and save their rental documents or a society document in the application document section.

The user has to list down the names of approved maids or house helps who visit their house on a daily basis.

Users can also approve the visitor waiting at the gate to enter the house. Only once the user approves the entry s/he is allowed to enter the house.

Users can also issue a gate pass in advance to allow the entry of the visitors.

The application also has a “notify gate” section where the users can browse through the subcategories like Allow entries, Security Alert(activate when you are stuck in the lift or any emergency), Message to guard, and Issue gate pass.

The application also allows users to write feedback to MyGate directly within the application.

Other highlights of the app are:

The activity feature in the application shows the list of activities done by the users by date. Users are free to filter and jump upon an activity if s/he wishes to.

The household feature allows users to enter the list of daily help, family members, vehicles, frequent guests, and frequent entries.

So, all in all, the application helps in community management, visitor management, domestic staff management, and delivery management.

If we quote in the MyGate’s CEOs’ words:

Over the years, we have made the application much more sophisticated, creating greater value add – Vijay Arisetty

make an app like mygate

How does a community management app like MyGate make money? What is the business model of apps like MyGate?

MyGate has adopted a subscription-based model where it charges from a society based on society’s number of houses. This means if a society has 150 houses, the monthly cost would be around 3000 INR per society every month.

Also, the application has recently launched in-app purchases, and we assume it is one of the other revenue streams for an application like MyGate. It allows users to buy in various categories like household necessities, pet care, etc.

On top of everything else, the application also allows users to recharge their gas bills, phone bills, etc.

It looks like an application like MyGate will literally be the “One-stop Solution” for everything related to home and security.

Housing Society Management App Development like mygate

What does the housing society management app development cost?

For building a housing society management app like MyGate, you will need a team of developers, quality testers, UI/UX designers, and marketers. Hiring a company or professionals individually will cost you around $30,000 for app development.

However, the pricing may vary depending on the following cost-variation factors:

  • Features & functionality;
  • UI/UX designing;
  • App maintenance;
  • Security;
  • Location of app development company;
  • The platform of development;
  • Total number of hours;
  • Hourly rates.

We are an excellent mobile app development company that can help you develop an app in this niche. Our contact information lies right at the end of this blog. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Gone are the days when societies would invest in integrating CCTV cameras and alarms; they would rather prefer a robust solution like the MyGate application. With the entire world moving towards the “Smart Cities” movement, there will be an increasing demand for applications in this niche. If you want to participate in this industry, it is the right time to initiate app development in this niche. Stay tuned for the next blog.

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