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How to Develop a learning app like Socratic? : A Comprehensive Manual

Sanjay Kidecha,

Let’s help students learn everything at their fingertips. Mobile application learning has become the in-thing in current times. With Google making an entry with Socratic application into this field, the industry is going all ga-ga about its features and functions. If you are planning to invest in learning mobile app development and seeking some best knowledge or an app idea to develop a learning app like Socratic, here is your suitable reference.

It was difficult to imagine the most challenging math trick would come in so handy and in an intuitive way. With the world moving at a fast pace in the direction of technological advancement, the popularity of AI-based learning applications is rising in leaps and bounds.

The transformation brought in by these educational applications is quite noteworthy. Students, teachers, and parents can now leverage a whole new level of learning experience using the application. The interactiveness and the swiftness with which the education applications solve the problem attract a great deal of audience.

You would be surprised to know that around 936 million education mobile applications were downloaded during the pandemic. The market price of eLearning mobile applications is expected to cross $243 billion by the end of the year 2022.

These lucrative statistics have compelled many entrepreneurs to opt for high-quality learning mobile app development. Socratic, Remind, Photomath, and Duolingo applications are some of the popular names operating in the given field. In this blog, we will be discussing the details of making an application like Socratic.

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What is Socratic?

What is Socratic? How does it work?

Socratic is a new-age online learning app launched by Google. It is an AI-based learning application that allows students to take a picture of their query and look out for answers.

The mobile tutor applications use the powerful technology AI and look out for an answer by analyzing the piles of data. Furthermore, the Socratic application extracts the best answer, reliable, and suitable for your query.

The extensive set of data analyzed by the application is so far the best thing performed by an educational application like Socratic. It answers the students’ queries in various formats, including images, videos, or text formats.

However, one thing is for sure the results are reliable and offer a great learning experience.

Note: Don’t go by the name of the application Socratic and think it is just related to mathematics. Because it is an all-in-one application for the learning and growth of students from various schools and colleges. The application also covers everything from school work to university-level academics.

Well, this clears the basics of an online learning application named Socratic and how Socratic works for students to help them find accurate answers. We hope this information gives you the base to develop an education app like Socratic.

What are the benefits of creating an AI teaching assistant app like Socratic?

If you want to get into the online learning market, you would be interested in knowing about the profits more than anything else. Aren’t you?

– Around 70% of users prefer using mobile devices over desktops or computers.

– Out of 89% of smartphone users, 50% of users use learning and education applications.

– 46% of students use any one of the eLearning applications before sleeping.

The numbers clearly show why it is vital to invest in developing education apps like Socratic.

What are the features required for creating a custom learning mobile app like Socratic?

What are the features required for creating a custom learning mobile app like Socratic?

Every eLearning mobile application is unique in its own way. You can either take inspiration from a single app or club features of two apps and develop your own unique app solution.

If we specifically talk about Socratic, it is a great app that has partnered with teachers & experts and extracts the best knowledge from them. It not only provides easy solutions for Maths but also provides solutions related to Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US and world literature, Calculus, Trigonometry, and more.


This feature will ensure an easy onboarding of users using an email or phone number.

Voice search:

If you are planning to implement AI technology and use it as its best power, it would be possible for you to facilitate voice search. This feature will help users access the application using the voice command, especially when they do not feel like typing an entire sentence.

Image search:

Using this feature, the user will be able to upload a picture of the query and find out answers to all the questions. They can click the photo and run a smart search to get swift solutions.

Smart filters:

Help students filter and search for exact solutions using filters such as ratings, price, and tutors’ names.

Online test:

An on-demand app development company functioning in this segment would definitely ask you to put this feature on top of the list. Students download an educational app to check their performance and metrics. Hence, it is important to have an online test feature where tutors conduct tests, or students can take an online test to check their merits.

Performance analysis:

Help students evaluate their knowledge of the concept and show them the gray area that requires their attention.

Courses and Tutorials:

Create a list of tutorials or certification courses available on the mobile application platform.

Appealing Visuals:

Students are attracted to impressive and colorful visuals like GIFs and images. The user-friendly content is easy to consume with appealing visuals.

Lesson plans:

This feature helps tutors to plan their courses as per the schedule.

Earning Tracker:

Tutors and admins who provide their services by investing their valuable time can keep track of their earnings using this feature.

Reviews and Ratings:

Students who like a tutor’s lecture in particular or want to recommend it to a friend can leave their reviews and ratings on a particular course/lesson/tutor.

Admin dashboard:

A user-friendly dashboard helps the admin to keep track of performances and queries and manage the users easily.

Stats and analytics:

This feature will allow the admin to see the growing or declining number of users/tutors/courses and other important analytics.


Do not put on a lot of elements on every screen and put the mobile app design in jeopardy. Decide, at an early stage of the mobile app development process, the things that you want to put, the content, buttons, navigation, etc.

Minimal design and seamless navigation:

Features and functions inclusion is okay, but do not complicate things. Ask your hired mobile app developers to adopt a minimal design approach. Once this is ensured, the navigation falls in place. Keep the tabs’ content easy to read and click.

Multi-lingual support:

Let students explore the solution in their preferred language.

How to develop an e-learning app like Socratic?

How to develop an e-learning app like Socratic?

After the introduction and benefits of apps like Socratic, it’s time you understand how online learning apps are developed. To develop an app like Socratic, you definitely need to hire mobile app developers. But that is not all. You are also responsible for the below steps if you wish to achieve success in the EdTech market.

Study your target market

There are various types of online learning apps that target different groups of people, such as students, teachers, schools, colleges, or universities. You have to decide who your learning app will target, the location where your target market is, and the problems your app will solve. When you know your target market inside out, it becomes easier to create a solution that will succeed. 

Focus on the Business model

The Business model of your online learning app is crucial as it decides the working model of the app. Moreover, it also helps you opt for the right revenue streams. For example;

  • E-learning marketplace apps like Udemy help experts sell their courses and make money, while the platform also takes a percentage from the total fee.
  • Language learning apps like Duolingo facilitate users to learn multiple languages and earn through advertisements as well as offer an ad-free version at a cost.
  • Live classes apps offer multiple plans with distinct feature sets and allow schools and tutors to purchase any as per their requirements.

So, you need to decide what kind of business model you need to apply or create.

If your app idea is feasible 

One of the best ways to validate your online learning app idea without spending much money is MVP development. Since the minimum viable product contains basic features and minimalist design enough to make the app work, it accelerates the time to market. On the other hand, you get to market and receive feedback from early adopters. And as per the review, you can improve your final product steadily.

Hire experts or outsource 

If you don’t have an in-house development team, which is very costly to maintain, you can outsource your AI-driven online learning app development from an off-shore software company. You can easily get the list of such companies and get in touch with them. But before you partner with any, do not forget to analyze their portfolio and interview their developers. Not to mention, looking into available engagement models is a must.

What is the cost of developing an AI mobile app like Socratic?

Coming back to the most important question, the cost of developing an AI-based mobile app. Even if we consider every aspect of app design, prototype development, quality testing, and app maintenance, the app development cost would be around $30K.

However, this is just an estimate and may vary depending on the crucial factors you plan to include in your application.

Some customization, platform selection, location of the mobile app development company, hourly rates, UI/UX design, etc., can affect the final cost of app development.

You can get in touch with us to have better knowledge about AI-technology implementation in various app segments.

Visit our website or get in touch with us directly! For any queries or more information, please ring our bells. We would be happy to assist you in the quickest possible way! I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks!

Sanjay Kidecha

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