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The Perfect Resource For Developing a Dog Training App Like Puppr

Sanjay Kidecha,

Just like dogs, mobile applications are humans’ best friends too. People look out for every possible way using which they can ease out their struggle. This falls especially true for people owning pets. Well, for the new pet parent, it is difficult to train their furry friend to “sit,” “stay,” or “play.” But, app enthusiasts have brought a solution to this problem also. You probably know about the term dog training app development, and I assume you have landed upon this blog to find out details of developing a dog training application like Puppr, Isn’t it? So, let’s begin. 

“A dog can express more with his tail in seconds than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.”

“Managing your dog’s environment and providing her with appropriate chew toys will prevent her from chewing on your shoes and furniture.”

“Mental exercise tires a dog physically more than physical exercise does”

Did you know the above facts?

As rightly said, “Effective training is a partnership between you and your dog based on trust, love, and science. Strengthen your bond and train force-free.”

Dog training responsibilities start from the day when you become a pet parent. Being a pet parent requires a lot of patience, firstly you need to understand the pet’s needs, language, likes, dislikes, and secondly, you need to train the dog to be its best. The exercise is as good as bringing up your own baby. To overcome this struggle, people have resorted to online mobile applications. Dog training applications like Puppr have made the entire process easy and interesting. This blog is inspired by the Puppr application and plans on helping dog lover entrepreneurs to make an app like Puppr.

What is a dog training app

What is a dog training app? Why has it become a successful business idea? 

Dog training is all about teaching your dog obedience to how to behave on a daily basis & understand various signs & languages. It also includes potty training, fetches lease tricks, sitting, and a lot more. Dog training is all about making the dog feel comfortable with the pet owner’s instructions and creating a rapport between the two.  

This is not a cinch that you can accomplish in a day or two; it goes much beyond simple pet training. To your surprise, there is a huge pet care market that is earning millions by developing various pet care solutions.  You would be astonished(happily) to know that nearly 44% of dog owners shop pet products online. The year 2015 data suggests that pet owners spend nearly 1191.9 US dollars per year behind their pets. 

Dog training applications fall under this category and looking at the figures, you can now assume how massive the market is and what opportunities lie in for your business! 

Now that you are convinced that you want to have a dog training mobile app like Puppr let us know a little bit about the app. 

Puppr App Story:

Puppr is a great platform set up by celebrity dog trainers Sara Carson and The Super Collies. She is one of the top 5 finalists of America’s Got Talent season 12 and has four dogs named Hero, Marvel, Hawkeye, and Fury. She runs dog trick workshops and showcases her stunts with the dog team. One amazing fact is, Sara and Hero already have a Guinness World Record for performing almost 49 tricks within a minute.  Her love for the dogs is clearly visible in the way the Puppr app is crafted.

What are the key features of dog training app

What are the key features of dog training app development?

A dog training application consists of two primary screens, an admin and a user. The dog training feature development is very simple and straightforward. The main offerings focus on the customer’s screen.

We will bifurcate the features and let you decide what works best for your app. 

Customer screen:

  • Login/Signup;
  • Lessons by dog trainers;
  • Video tutorials;
  • App Guide;
  • Sub lessons by trainers;
  • Push notifications;
  • Built-in clicker;
  • Live chat with professionals;
  • Track your pet’s training progress;
  • Rewards and badges;
  • Add multiple dog accounts;
  • In-app pet products purchase;
  • Help and Support;
  • Daily Reminder;
  • Subscription renewal;
  • In-app payment;

Admin screen:

  • Login;
  • Customer management;
  • Tutorials management;
  • Content management;
  • Payment management;
  • Push notifications management;
  • Google analytics;
  • Sub tutorial management;

dog training mobile app cta

What is the suitable business model for dog training mobile app development?

If we specifically talk about the business model for the Puppr app, it earns from the subscription model. Users can log in to the app using an account and access the free content available on the app. But for detailed information and premium content, users need to pay $12.99/month or $99.99/year. 

You can decide the prices for your subscription plan based on the country you are targeting.

Puppy also makes revenue from Google Adsense. However, you can try including in-app purchases and make revenue by building a dog training application.

  How much is the cost to develop a dog training app like Puppr

How much is the cost to develop a dog training app like Puppr? 

We would again repeat that pet training app development is a lucrative market to enter into. If you have a budget of around $15K, you can easily have your dream app in your hands.

The price is Kody Technolab’s estimation of developing an app in this genre, but it may vary depending on the following factors;

  • App development company to another;
  • Location of app development company;
  • Hourly charges;
  • Total number of hours;
  • Features and app complexity;
  • UI/UX designing;
  • Quality of app;

If the price is within your budget, please feel free to ring our bells! We are all open to developing your dream app. You can expect our turnaround time to be between three to four months. We are waiting! 

What should be an ideal team composition for app development?

A perfect app development solution is the outcome of the team efforts. You need a qualified and experienced team of the following members. 

  1. A project manager;
  2. Business analyst;
  3. UI/UX designers;
  4. Android app developer;
  5. iOS app developer;
  6. Backend developer;
  7. Quality assurance;
  8. Marketing professional

It is their skills and experience that will bring an app idea to life. Make sure to select the right set of individuals or the development company that can provide you with an entire team. Kody Technolab works like your extended team and deploys strategic and thoughtful app development. 

We also assist companies in chatbot app development for the given app development. We understand how customization of the solution can lead to success, and therefore we provide white-label solutions. 

Are you interested in making an app like Puppr? 

Dog training applications help in effective training for dogs that the pet owner always wanted. Puppr, Dog Training, Dog Whistle are a few of the app examples to learn from. We would love to serve as your best guide in the journey. All the best!

For any more queries, please contact us.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Finance Officer at Kody Technolab and a Fintech geek. With one foot in finance and the other in tech, Sanjay likes to write on emerging Fintech trends, ideas, and how-to guides to keep industry leaders updated with the ever-changing world of fintech!

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