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Driver Tracking App Development for Simplifying Logistics Operations

Sanjay Kidecha,

The fleet management system is upgraded because of the advent of new technologies and mobile applications. For a very long time, the transportation and logistics industry deserves smart analytics-driven solutions. Well, slowly and steadily, the industry is taking up the pace. Delivery applications have simplified the process to a certain extent, but there was still a need for a driver-specific app that can streamline the delivery transportation process. A driver tracking app development can help logistics companies to track consignment location, fuel usage, real-time analytics and free you from the chasing paper trails. I assume this idea sparks a feeling of excitement, isn’t it? We will help you develop a driver tracking app through this blog; however, you can connect with us by filling up the contact us form for a curated solution.  

Logistic companies’ biggest nightmare is to lose track of an important consignment. Any mishandling during the transportation journey will take your countless hours of sleep, plus catch hold of negative feedback from customers. Just read a few of the feedback from customers that you will never want to receive. 

“Have been trying to get delivery of a resource within the same city. These guys took 5 days without any communication, nothing, completely in the dark. I missed my travel plans and work deadlines because of them. Shitty service, don’t know how they still are functioning…company run by teenagers.”

“Doesn’t deliver the package, the courier guy doesn’t receive calls and switches off his phone It’s been days I haven’t received my package and it shows that it is with the courier guy, worst service”

“Reading the comments on this page I can see that my problems with FEDEX are not isolated. One shipment will appear in fragmented form – 1 box, 2 boxes, 1 box – spread over 2 days or more (once about 5 days). Drivers turn up at the door, don’t knock or ring the bell and leave a “Sorry we missed you” note. There is no convenient number to ring. Everything goes through an international call service – which is all but useless. People don’t ring back as arranged. It’s a huge mess. Inefficient, inconvenient & contemptuous of the customer. I don’t know why I’ve been dumb enough to keep imagining the next time will be better. Never again”

Well, reading these reviews even after the hard work you put into it is painful, but it is also a blatant truth that as soon as this is posted online on a platform, your day is ruined. Feedbacks, without a doubt, help you learn new things or hone your relationships with customers, but instead of taking a chance, why not make a driver tracking application?

How can a driver tracking application come to the rescue?

A driver tracking application gives a real-time status of the consignment. It also shares every single detail of the driver, vehicle, and the payments made. A driver tracking app can help you optimize the routes and let you know the number of breaks taken by the driver during the journey. Route optimization reduces the chances of accidents, fuel usage, and delayed delivery of the shipment. 

Apart from the logistics industry, the application can be of major use in the food industry, eCommerce industry, and online delivery segment. It’s just a matter of a single click, and every necessary information is made available to you. Yes, every single piece of information is stored and processed at a single place that can be accessed by the administrator from anywhere. 

Other problems that a driver tracking app can solve:

  • It automates the process and thereby reduces the paperwork;
  • A driver tracking app can provide instant proof of delivery;
  • Client invoicing and billing collection can be made extremely easy with an application;
  • Accurate delivery planning lets you deliver more packages than earlier;
  • The application tracks the entire chain of delivery and keeps your fleet safe.
  • A delivery app maximizes your profit;
  • It allows you to track multiple services at one time;

What are the various ways to monetize with your driver tracking app development?

You can launch a free app and then adopt various monetizing models from the below. We have described various ways to monetize using a free application in one of our blogs that you can read for better understanding. 

However, we will describe the best ways to monetize in brief here. 

  1. In-app advertisement: You can allow various businesses to showcase their advertisement on your platform and in return you charge them a specific fee. 
  2. Delivery charges: You can either include delivery charges in the invoices sent across to the customers.
  3. Collaboration: You can collaborate with businesses and have your share of the money from the alliance. 
  4. Premium model: You can also release a premium subscription model using which customers can get discounts over a repeated to transmit order.

These are the business models for driver tracking apps that you can adopt for your business. 

How does a driver tracking application work?

A driver tracking application gives you complete control over the delivery management. It is integrated with a GPS system that helps drivers navigate through the location and, at the same time, helps you track the location of the consignment.

The delivery driver is notified when the shipment order is received from the customer. They travel to the pickup location, check the item status, and collect the consignment. Once s/he picks up the order, the recipient is notified of the status. If there is a traffic block in the travel path, the driver is notified of the same, and the route is optimized accordingly. The order goes through the defined flow of the delivery process and the item is delivered to the destination.

Both the customer and the driver are aware of the delivery schedule so that one can track the whereabouts.

features of a driver tracking app

What are the features of a driver tracking app development?

We will mention all the features of a driver tracking app that you can integrate into your application with ease. However, for a more customized approach, you should get in touch with a reputed mobile app development company that has relevant experience in developing an on-demand app in this niche. 

Some of the required features in the list are:

  • Login/Signup;
  • Intuitive dashboard;
  • GPS integration;
  • Order details;
  • In-app call;
  • In-app chat;
  • Push notifications;
  • Real-time tracking;
  • Fuel usage;
  • Route management;
  • Fleet management;
  • Order history;
  • Driver details;
  • Pickup point details;
  • Delivery address;
  • Payment received;
  • Multiple language support;
  • Feedbacks and Reviews;
  • Payment records;
  • Proof of delivery;
  • Payment gateway integration;
  • Customer support;
  • Driver support;

It may look like a costly affair to you, but do not worry, it isn’t. Let’s find out the cost to develop a driver tracking app.

cost of developing a driver tracking app

What is the cost of developing a driver tracking application?

A rock-solid business solution will come at a price. Well, not much that will break your bank, but something around $25K you can expect. This price is inclusive of all the above-mentioned features, tried and tested in a prototype, and released after quality testing. Well, we also provide after maintenance service for you to remain worry-free after project development.

This price estimation may vary from a mobile app development company to another, location of the company, their hourly charges, application’s complexity, UI/UX designing, third-party integrations, and a lot more cost variation factors. It is advisable to get in touch with the app development partner, discuss your needs and get an accurate figure.

If you choose to hire mobile app developers, follow the same procedure. 

Over to you!

Real-time visibility of the order is something that is expected the most from a driver tracking application. With the rising demand in eCommerce and other on-demand segments, the market need for driver tracking app development is also rising. If you haven’t thought about developing an app yet, no worries, you can start with us. We will guide you through the entire mobile app development process and help you craft a unique solution. 

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Finance Officer at Kody Technolab and a Fintech geek. With one foot in finance and the other in tech, Sanjay likes to write on emerging Fintech trends, ideas, and how-to guides to keep industry leaders updated with the ever-changing world of fintech!

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