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Enterprise Data Management System
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Enterprise Data Management System: The Critical Part of Big Enterprises

Manav Patel,

Humans may master the art of crafting policies and definitions, but the truth lies in governing the data. The comprehensive data landscape is sensitive and needs to be secured. This task is many times managed by humans as well as software. For a business to be successful, you need to understand, use, and strategize the company’s data skillfully. The primary reason being, data management plays a critical role in generating revenue, reducing costs and errors. Above everything else, it provides timely, accurate data whenever needed. This is why Enterprise Data Management is adopted by enterprises in today’s time. This blog focuses on answering Enterprise Data Management-related questions so that you can implement them at the earliest.

Data management drives decision-making in organizations and has become the top priority for management. The pressure for governing the data is difficult to explain in words. But, along with that managing, the human forces involved is also a task. And hence comes into the picture Enterprise Data management. This process not only governs business data but also helps in managing people. Surprised? Well, yes, the answer is pretty simple. If the people have access to standard data formats in a secured and timely manner, it becomes easy for them to process it.

So yes, this is the highlight of EDM, now let us understand, who handles the EDM? And what is the role of the EDM manager?

You probably have a team of professionals who help you handle the database selection and database migration-related challenges. The same professionals, be it database administrators or IT project managers, handle the EDM. The EDM manager takes care of the data lifecycle, including documentation, defining the flow of data, removal of data, etc.

The lifecycle is checked at every stage of the lineage, ensuring the security and accuracy of the data. It also protects the enterprise data from any kind of legal dispute. The data doesn’t remain vulnerable, and no unidentifiable information remains on the system. 

benefits of Enterprise Data Management

What are the benefits of Enterprise Data Management?

EDM is the topmost priority for businesses having immediate need of accurate and secured data. Here are the benefits you will have by adopting enterprise data management solutions for the company. 

  • You will have access to high-quality data for precise and accurate analysis;
  • You can rest assured that the data will remain secure and regulatory complaint;
  • You can access secured data from multiple sources;
  • Your business will have a well-defined and consistent data architecture that will help you scale your business.

However, to implement this, you will need to have help from a relevant Enterprise data management company. Their knowledge and expertise will help you understand the data-related dependencies and linking quite easily. 

pillars of Enterprise Data Management

What are the four pillars of Enterprise Data Management?

If you are facing trouble with your intensive and complex data systems, EDM is a perfect solution for you. It simplifies complicated things and puts forth a realistic and accurate data analysis. However, the reason behind the successful implementation of EDM are the four pillars, namely,

  • Accountability & Governance;
  • Metadata Management;
  • Data Provisioning;
  • Data Quality Control and Certification;

We will look into the details of each one in the next section:

Accountability & Governance strategy:

Data goes through various processes in an organization. It is touched by multiple people, which leads to frequent changes, transformation, and the addition of new elements and information.

The accountability & governance strategy of the enterprise data management framework should take care of the data domains and make them more powerful. 

How do you do that?

  1. Analyze your governance requirements;
  2. Once you know the requirements, define the role of each person involved, chart out their responsibilities and assign tasks accordingly.
  3. Acknowledge the stakeholders with the necessary tools to comply with EDM standards

Metadata Management Strategy:

Data is distributed across the system in an organization. It needs a more holistic approach to manage it across the isolated systems. The role of Metadata Management in EDM includes,

  • It should be capable of tracing the data from the consumption layer to the initial layer;
  • It should offer an easy way to identify the accountability of each person in their respective domains.
  • It should be capable of assessing the impact of a planned change on all connected systems.
  • It should give a 360-degree view of all the integrated and connected data systems. 

Data Provisioning Strategy:

As mentioned above, the lifecycle of data goes through several ups and downs. The data is entered into the stream, passes through the data lakes, data system, and further is distributed into various isolated systems. 

Multiple access to the data system results in frequent changes, and many times, redundant data are also entered into the system. In this entire lifecycle, the challenge is to identify the initial version of the data and related changes to it. 

As per the above two strategies and the current one, the data management team is responsible for authorizing data sources of the data domains.

Data Quality Control and Certification Strategy:

One can not be sure of the streaming data unless it is quality checked. Quality controlled data also provides quality accuracy and insights to boost confidence. Quality control assessment checks the following:

  • Data reconciliation capabilities and authorization of the data source
  • Does the data fall into the defined set of business specifications?


EDM is the key implementation in which big enterprises can succeed. If you have found this concept useful and need help with EDM implementation, we are here to help. For any queries or improvements in the running data management system, please contact Kody Technolab. We hope you have liked reading this article. Thank you!

Manav Patel

Manav Patel is the founder of Kody Technolab. His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab's success. He nurtures the team with his knowledge and skills.

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