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How Snow Plow App Development Will Give Peace To The Users?

Sanjay Kidecha,

Mobile applications are the new smart way to shovel/plow the snow over driveways, sidewalks, mailboxes, or fire hydrants. You can hold yourself back from shoveling & enjoy the blanket of snow. The digital solution of snow plowing, aka on-demand snow plow apps, aka snow removal applications, aka snow shovel apps, will take care of this frustrating task while you sit back to relish the moment.

The snow plow app mobile app development has opened up opportunities not only for the businesses but also for individuals looking for a part-time/full-time job during the season. If you look at the industry-specific statistics,

  • The snow plowing industry earns around $22.7 billion annually;
  • The total industry-specific revenue accounts for 25%;
  • Snow and Ice management association is growing at a speed of 3.5% every year;

These figures clearly depict that it is worth investing in a venture dealing with snow plowing in order to bring maximum revenue for your business. An on-demand snow plow app development facilitates you to engage your customers with less drudgery.

So are you ready to develop a snowplow application? Do you wish to provide an affordable service to the audience yet earn high profits? Here is your guide.

By reading this blog, you will learn about the features, functionalities, working, and cost of developing a snowplow app solution.

benefits of snowplow app

Starting with the benefits of snowplow app development:

Snowplow application is a unique solution that will provide snow clearing services instantly after the snowfall in a unique & customized way. Well, we all embrace the simplicity and ease of the Shovler app, don’t we? In the same way, you need to initiate the app development that provides the highest convenience when it comes to snow shoveling. Aren’t you excited to come up with an extraordinary idea to make an app like Shovler?

You have the chance to cover a different kind of services and also add on some recreational features into the app development.

  • By developing a snow shoveling & snow removal app like Shovler, you will be putting an end to a lot of paperwork that again consumes a lot of time.;
  • You can effectively manage the entire team of plow managers and keep track of their working behavior.
  • Since it is the right time to move to the cashless trend, you can get direct payments into your account. You can allow the users to pay for the services using either a credit card or a debit card or through any other payment gateway;
  • Your users can see the service updates in real-time;
  • You can engage more users and reach them out easily;
  • Snowplow app development allows you to meet your customer needs instantly plus in a unique way;
  • It will provide an ease of services for clearing the hail of snow with just a few clicks;
  • By providing reliable, insured, and top-rated professionals, you can win the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers;
  • You can skyrocket the sales by offering the customers some powerful feature-set.

Now, let’s focus on the feature set that will help you to cover the uncapped market.

These features are defined in general; however, you can connect with your mobile app development partner and decide which feature to include in which screen to leave a remarkable impression on the users.

However, there will be three screens in the application, user’s screen, Admin panel, and service provider’s screen. Each of the screen’s features will be on the snowplow app development company and you to define.

One-touch profile setup:

The registration and profile set up screen should be as easy & convenient as possible for both the user & the service provider. You can either allow them to use their social media integrations or email credentials to give them access to the application.

Advanced search:

You need to allow the users with the app to search for services using location, price, or any other industry-specific keyword.

Single-tap request:

The user should be allowed to request a service with just a single tap from the snowplow service provider.

Book and Schedule:

Based on the service selection, the user should be able to book or schedule a service for any time. It is upon the user to decide whether they want instant service or schedule it for a later part of the day/week.

Price comparison:

Allow the user to compare the prices between various snow removal service providers.

Live tracking:

Once the service is booked, the user should be able to view the status of the work live on the application. They should know at what stage their work progresses and how long will it take to complete it.

Offers & Discounts:

Suppose any of the snowplow service providers are offering a discount coupon or any other offer. In that case, the user should know about it on its screen.

Push Notifications:

This is a mandated feature for any on-demand applications. The user should be kept updated with the recent deals and their bookings, either via email or SMS notification.

Cancel booking:

Let it be on the user to decide if they wish to continue to service bookings or cancel it for any good reason.

View order history:

The user should be able to view the details of the order made in the past by them.

In-app chat:

Allow the user to chat with the service provider personally as and when required.

Payment gateway integration:

Integrate a payment gateway into the application in order to allow users to pay for the services they have taken from the service providers.

Accept/Reject Order:

The service provider should be allowed to accept/reject an order based on the time slots available to them.

View Order History:

The service provider should also be allowed to check the details of the past orders placed on their dashboard.

Feedback & Reviews:

Allow the user to write feedback for the services they have taken and share the experience with fellow users.

Also, the service provider should be able to view the feedback received from the users by their names.

GPS navigation:

GPS navigation has become the need of the hour for any on-demand application. The reason being, the on-demand service provider, has to reach the location of the user. This would not be possible if they do not have a real-time location service/navigation system.

Cost calculator:

If a user wishes to opt for multiple services or occasions, allow them to enter the number and calculate the services’ cost.

Update status:

The service provider should update the status of the work done instantly into the application.

On the admin front,

Manage services:

The admin is responsible for managing all the services available on the platform;

Manage users:

For an admin, the management of service providers and users is of prime importance. Hence, you need to allow them to manage both simultaneously.

Manage payment:

Admin should be able to manage all the payment methods, and transactions made using the platform.


Allow the admin to study the user behavior by giving them the reports and access to the analytics.

In-app support:

An admin is responsible for providing support to the users/service providers in real-time.

Some advanced features may include:

Customer loyalty program:

Ad admin can organize a custom loyalty program for engaging and attracting new customers over the platform.

Split Payment:

Open land is everyone’s property. Hence, if the user wants to get snow plowed in an area that belongs to multiple people/neighbors, then s/he can split the payment between them using the app.

Audio QR payments:

The user can send money using Audio QR by just tapping one-step ahead into the payment facility. In the same way, the plower can receive the money into his/her account, respectively.

Surge Pricing:

Acknowledge users about the rates of services during the peak hours or the late-night hours. This will allow them to grab the best deal and avail of the services.

Multilingual support:

If you are planning to expand your business offerings across various parts of the country, then allow them to select a language of their choice. By doing this, you will engage them more over the platform and earn better revenues.

What does the snowplow app development cost?

The final cost to develop a snow removal app depends on the features & functionalities infused in the application. You can have a sophisticated app development at the price of around $25K to $30K. However, as you add on to the feature list, app development’s price will rise accordingly. Several other factors affect the cost of app development, which are:

  • UI/UX design;
  • Complexity;
  • Location of mobile app development company;
  • Hourly rates of the mobile app development company and hired mobile app developers;
  • MVP testing;
  • Tech stack selection;
  • QA testing;
  • Maintenance;
  • Technical documentation;
  • Dedicated development hours;

But, having said that, developing a snowplow mobile app is a very cost-effective way of doing business. You can provide a one-stop solution to the customers and embrace the business perks you will get after development.

ready for the snow

Are you ready for the snow?

Just like the snowfall in your region, your business’s growth will also snowball. I know it may sound cliche, but once you opt for on-demand snow plow app development, you will know how to leverage the best from the app.

Uber for snow plow seems to be a really lucrative business to initiate in current times. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with our expert on-demand app development team. We have hands-on experience in developing some of the successful applications in various industries.

We take care of the confidentiality of the project and follow the steps of the defined mobile app development process. This includes Lean Canvassing, Prototyping, Tech Stack selection, UI/UX designing, and Quality testing. You can rely on us any day for your business idea.

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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