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Why hire Java developers

Why hire Java developers for growing business? What impact do they make?

Mihir Mistry,

Almost anyone with a tiny bit of knowledge of programming languages knows Java or has heard about it. However, we will tell you a little about it anyway. So, Java is an object-oriented programming language that has been widely used for app development since the 90s. 

Ever since its inception, Java has been a trusted choice of many entrepreneurs and developers. Over time, Java’s popularity became so universal that today it is one of the top three desirable and widely used programming languages among the growing businesses. 

Whether startups or existing, businesses always look forward to achieving dynamic and strong digital capabilities to grow their businesses and stay at the top in the industry. As per the report of Statista, as of 2021, 56 percent of the respondents use Java, Python, SQL, and HTML/CSS as the top five programming languages in the world.

Looking at the promising stats of using Java for businesses, we can say it’s a programming language worth putting out trust in. With Java becoming more popular every day, there is a significant rise in the demand for Java developers for businesses globally. 

When it comes to hiring Java developers, the developers have to be proficient in Java and its tools. Although many software development companies claim to develop powerful apps with Java, you need to check the skill set of the team of developers before you hire them. These skill sets are a must for successful java development for businesses out there. 

So, let us explore a little and bring the skills that Java developers must have into knowledge. Are you ready? 

Here’s the list of must-have Java developers skills. Let’s get into it! 

Basic Java skills 

If we have to explain the role of a Java developer in a simple way, we would say a Java developer develops various software from desktop and web applications to mobile apps. No matter from which company you hire Java developers for your project, make sure they are familiar with the basic Java skills and technologies. 

To make it simple, here are the technologies that you should look for- 

  • Object-oriented programming skills
  • Relational databases such as MySQL, PostgresSQL, and MariaDB. 
  • Design patterns in Java to solve routine problems faced in the software designing cycle 
  • Popular version control systems like Git and BitBucket 
  • Web frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JQuery

Additional languages and technologies 

A Java developer skilled with additional languages and technologies always gets the upper hand. Companies prefer hiring those developers who are skilled with other languages and technologies such as SQL and JavaScript. 

In addition to the language, the most popular Java skills that Java developers should have are Android, Selenium, Spring/Spring Boot, and JPA/Hibernate. 

Since different languages and technologies are meant to perform different tasks, being efficient in them will come in handy for a Java developer.

Java build tools

Every programming language has certain tools, and each tool performs a different task. Having knowledge and efficiency in different Java build tools will increase the chances of Java developers getting hired by growing businesses. These build tools help to automate the source code applications. A few of these build tools are Apache, Sonatype, Gradle, Nexus, and Cmake. 

Java testing tools 

Apart from coding, it’s an added benefit if Java developers are proficient in testing tools as well. Testing tools allow the developers to test their code through a separate database without using a web browser. Tools like TestNG and Selenium allow the Java developers to test multiple processes together and develop a high-quality, powerful application. 

Android + Kotlin 

Java developers having considerate knowledge of Kotlin are always much appreciated. Kotlin is a revised Java language that is considered an industry standard to develop powerful mobile apps. It is beneficial for the developers to learn Kotlin as it will make a good impression on the clients and make them stand out among the other Java developers. 

DevOps tools 

Having knowledge of DevOps tools is considered a must-have among the top Java skills. A Java developer will be much in demand if they regularly update their skills and learns DevOps tools along with Java tools. Some of the important DevOp tools worth learning are Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Chef, and Maven. Thus, it would be great if the Java developers you hire are knowledgeable about Java tools. 

Why hire Java developers for your growing business? What benefits do they offer? 

Why hire Java developers for your growing business? What benefits do they offer? 

You might be wondering what’s so special about hiring Java developers for your growing business. Well, this thought crosses everyone’s mind at least once. So, let us put in front of you some benefits that the businesses can avail of by hiring Java developers for their growing businesses. So, ready? 

Best for Android app development 

Java is the most trusted programming language, especially for developing robust Android apps. Thus, hiring Java developers would be such a great idea if you have an upcoming Android app development project. 

Access to experienced Java developers 

When you decide to hire Java developers, you come across talented tech experts. Furthermore, you can choose the Java developers who meet your requirements and understand your project well. Thus, hiring Java developers is always a great option as there’s an abundance of talent out there, and you might find the dream team for your Java project. 

Leverages big data programs 

If you are looking to leverage big data, hiring Java developers could really help. Since Java has been around for such a long time, the Java developers you hire will develop next-generation apps with numerous debuggers, libraries, and other Java tools that have stood the test of time. 

Highly technical services at affordable costs

Java developers are highly tech-savvy and possess great abilities and skills. Their skills and strategies enable them to develop highly technical web apps that the businesses might not get otherwise. Thus, it’s a smart move to hire Java developers with in-depth knowledge and technical skills to carry out wonderful Java project development. 

Reduced time to market 

When you have a team of Java developers working together on your project, the whole project development speeds up and reduces the time to market. Thus, a team of dedicated Java developers will focus on all the steps of project development and enable the launching of the app in the market faster than the competitors.

Why hire Java developers

Outsourcing team or in-house team- which one to go for your business?  

Suppose you made up your mind to hire Java developers, but the dilemma doesn’t end here. Now you have to put some more mind into deciding whether to hire an outsourcing team or an in-house team of Java developers. Apparently, the best choice for a business depends on its goals and priorities, and thus, they have to choose accordingly. If you are losing your sleep over choosing the right hiring model, let us assist you a little.

So, an in-house team is a great choice to go for as face-to-face meetings between the clients and developers are possible. With an in-house team, there’s quick feedback, more control, and coordination between the experts. Moreover, the language barriers and communication gap is also reduced to some extent with an in-house team of Java developers. 

On the other hand, outsourcing developers for software development is also very much prevalent. If you partner with an outsourcing team, you will come across a pool of talented developers globally. This enables the businesses to hire the developers that they find perfect for their projects. On top of it, the market time is also faster as an outsourcing team works with the performance-based approach. 

So, which model do you think is the most suitable for your project? No matter whom you choose, just make sure to check the developers’ skill set and other factors we have mentioned above. Hire a team you can trust and develop an app to grow your business like a pro. 

We have the resources you require! 

Being a well-known and renowned software development company in India, we are always on the lookout for unique projects that keep us on our toes. If you want to grow your business and are in search of Java developers for your business, we have the best resources for you. Reach out to our expert team of developers, discuss your project with us and let us take ahead from there. Rest assured, we treat our clients’ projects like our own and make sure to come up with next-gen solutions that make them true market leaders. 


  1. How much does it cost to hire Java developers from India? 

Software development companies from different countries charge different prices for their Java services. Similarly, an Indian software development company charges around $30-$50 per hour for Java development services. This can further vary depending upon the developers’ experience and seniority. 

  1.  Why should I use Java for my growing business? 

Java has been around for years, and today it is among the top five programming languages in the world. Although this is reason enough to use Java to grow your business, other reasons include its powerful tools, regular updates, and solid community support.

     3. How to make sure the Java app developers are skilled enough?  

There are a few parameters to pay attention to while hiring Java developers. The skills we mentioned above must be checked and the experience and past projects of the developers should also be taken into consideration.

Mihir Mistry

Mihir Mistry is a highly experienced CTO at Kody Technolab, with over 16 years of expertise in software architecture and modern technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to help them benefit.

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