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We are ushering into the year 2021, and it is high time that we learn to swim along with the wave of changes. In the app-focused world, your beauty & wellness or salon business’s optimum success is defined by the application’s experience. By building a beauty service app, you get a chance to unleash a constant in and outflow of customers. The app experience on your on-demand beauty services app development tempts customers to make frequent and regular visits.

An experienced beauty services app development company makes an exact blend of the application’s aesthetics and functionality. One such app that inspired us to write this blog is SalonAppy.

It is an all-in-one application that provides hundreds of services in more than 50 countries. What’s more exciting is, the SalonAppy services are available in two versions, a webpage and an app. You can access anything, anytime, 24*7 without paying any extra charge. The intuitive design & the customer loyalty reward feature has grabbed thousands of eyeballs.

This success has inspired many salon entrepreneurs to develop a beauty service app like SalonAppy. Are you also looking for a handy guide that will help you with on-demand beauty services app development? Do you aim to make Uber for makeup app and skyrocket your business sales? Well, you definitely should continue reading this write-up.

In this article, we would discuss more regarding the beauty salon market statistics, available business models, monetization opportunities, features and functions, and the cost to develop a beauty services app like SalonAppy. So let’s begin our journey to make an app like SalonAppy.


If we go by the definition of Uber for makeup app, it is an application that satisfies individuals’ on-demand beauty service needs. Customers register over the application, look for an open-slot for booking an appointment, book an appointment, and avail of the services.

Thus customers can have their favorite beauty treatments at their convenient time and place. The application increases the chances of getting customer footfalls inside the salon.

Beauty salon market statistics:

We predict that the beauty & wellness industry will soon become a trillion-dollar industry. If you look at the current revenue, it is around $532 billion, which may rise to $716.6 billion in the coming years globally. The industry is growing at a 5 % rate annually, and that itself speaks volumes about the growth.

If we were to give you more statistics to convince, then another report suggests that the spa and beauty salon market is expected to cross $190.81 billion in the year 2024. Also, you can refer to some more fascinating beauty industry statistics here.

We are sure that these numbers are quite overwhelming, tempting you to contact your reliable development partners and get a salon appointment booking solution for yourself straight away. At Kody, we have extra expertise & the right potential to guide you with your next uber for makeup app. You can also connect with our experts if you feel the need.

The business model for developing on-demand beauty services app:

Customers incline towards beauty salon apps because it enables them to have their treatment at their preferred schedule. They do not have to rush-rush from their office tables just to make the salon appointment on time.

Well, there are various types of beauty salon apps that you can actually pick up, and once you decide on that, you can decide the business model you want to go for.

Let me mention the types of beauty salon apps you can develop:

Beauty salon app for Appointment bookings;

Beauty products delivery app;

Salon services on the doorstep app;

Hire beauty professionals app;

Wellness app;

Beauty and wellness services app.

Next, the available business model is:

Independent Model:

If you already own a beauty salon and wish to expand the business, you can go for this independent model. Here the application represents your own services catalog, pictures, and price range. There is no role of an intermediary, and you can directly coordinate with customers and handle the bookings.

Aggregator beauty service model:

In this business model, you collaborate with independent beauticians, hairdressers, salons, and connect them over the app. Every service provider is in your network, and you make their services available to the customers. In return, you get a commission on every booking made using the application.

Ways to monetize your beauty service application:

The popularity of salon appointment booking apps has compelled even famous salon brands to go online. Well, some of them even prefer to feature their services on multiple platforms, while some just go for advertisement marketing. You can monetize the opportunity in both forms.

Feature Listing:

You can grab a few extra bucks from beauty service providers who wish to feature their products/services and capture the attention. This will give the service provider a spotlight, and in return, you can generate extra revenue.


In-app advertising is another preferred way of generating revenue. You can allow service providers to use your platform and showcase their product/service advertisements.


As mentioned above, if you are bringing various service providers under one umbrella, you can charge a commission from them to use your platform. This commission can be charged either monthly, yearly, or on every order placed.


In this monetizing way, you can integrate various beauty products and allow customers to purchase directly from the application itself.

Beauty Services App Development Company

Features & Functions To Develop an On-demand beauty services application:

You just can not overlook the effectiveness of features and functionalities you include within the application. We have a list of features for various screens; however, you need to prioritize which features to include in your application. If you are unsure about it at first glance, you can go for prototype development and understand the working of each of them. You can focus more on the mobile app design process and quality of design to decide upon the features.

Various screens that would be available on any on-demand beauty services apps would be, Customer’s screen, Admin panel, Salon Owner’s screen, Product Owner’s screen. The list of features respectively for each screen is.

Admin Panel :


User Management

Salon Management

Payment Management

Offers/Coupon Code Management

Beauty Professionals Management

Marketing Channels Management

Reports & Analytics

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Customers’ screen :

User registration

User Profile

Smart filter

Smart search

Subscription and packages

Appointment bookings

Payment and checkout

Fashion & beauty blogs

Appointment history

Product order history

Schedule appointments

Reschedule and reorder products/services

Rate & Review Product/services

Live chat with beauticians

Browse and select styles

Push notifications

In-app call

In-app navigation

Video/Photo upload

Salon Owner’s screen :

Profile set up

Accept/Reject order

Assign beautician

Schedule history

Payment history

In-app chat

Price management

View ratings and reviews

Catalog management

Product Owner’s screens :

Profile set up

Product add/remove

Catalog management

Video/Image upload

Accept/Reject order

Push notifications

Payment gateway integration

Cost to Develop Beauty Services App like SalonAppy

What does the beauty services app development cost?

We would say, investing in a salon appointment booking solution is a cost-effective solution that reaps high rewards. You will have endless opportunities to make money by developing an app for your business. When we say cost-effective, expect the price of app development to be somewhere around $20K to $35K.

However, app development’s final price will depend upon the platform you select, the technology stack you select, your development partner’s location, the developers’ hourly rates, complexity, design, etc.

Also, the third-party libraries that you opt to integrate will cost you an amount that may add to the final cost of app development.

You can discuss these commercials with the development company or the hired on-demand app developers for your project.

If you opt to include advanced features like multiple payment wallets, in-app navigation, etc., the cost may rise to $80K to $90K. Again this completely depends on the company you partner with.

Team Requirement:

We understand that you need fully functional and high-quality on-demand beauty service applications. And for this, you will need a team of project managers, developers, UI/UX designers, quality testers, maintenance executives, and more professionals who would assist you in building your dream app.

Well, it is difficult to find the right professionals having the required expertise. But, you can rely upon us when it comes to salon appointment booking app development. You can check our portfolio and grasp more ideas about our work. We are your one-stop solution for any kind of on-demand app development.


We hope our valuable information helps you in building a beauty service app like SalonAppy. Still, feel free to discuss your project idea of how seamlessly you can allow your customers to book appointments with their fingertips. So, why wait? Quickly start developing your first and award-winning application today!

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