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Experience success with our award-winning mobile app modernization services, having a 98% success rate in providing a modernized app that exceeds expectations.

We are a global leader in mobile app modernization, helping popular companies enhance their user experience for mobile apps. 

Our proven expertise extends across multiple domains, including UI/UX design, technology upgrades, and platform migrations. Take your business to the next level.

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Mobile App Modernization process

Gain a deep understanding of your app’s current state and user needs through thorough analysis in order to create a more engaging product.

Kody Development Process


Understand and Analysis

Conceptualization is the first step in the design process, which involves defining the idea and goals of the AR app and determining its target audience.

Kody Development Process


Architecture & UI-UX Design

Create an architecture that supports your app’s functional requirements while meeting design principles and supporting the overall user experience.

Kody Development Process


Technology & Development

The best way to drive business success, reduce manual work, and increase ROI is through developing solutions with advanced technology and innovative frameworks.

Kody Development Process


Testing and Impact

Testing ensures that your app meets organizational standards and quality standards. This prevents issues post-deployment and measures the impact on work.

Robotics Solution

Dasher: Robotics Solutions for Office

Dasher by Kody Technolab is an intelligent office robot that enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves workplace dining. It offers automated catering, multi-role capabilities, and advanced features like autonomous navigation and voice control.  

Dasher is ready to transform the workplace, making it more tech-driven and efficient.

Stock Trading App

Unique Stock Trading App that uses AI

Tradex, an AI-driven stock trading app, democratizes the financial world. It transforms complex trading strategies into plain English, enabling investors of all levels to automate their trading ideas effortlessly.  

With real-time data, AI-driven insights, and intuitive features, Tradex empowers users to make smarter, data-driven decisions in the dynamic world of stock trading. 

Banking App

The Ultimate Multi-Currency Money Transfer App

The multi-currency money transfer app offers a convenient and efficient solution for converting funds, sending and receiving money, and executing transactions in any currency worldwide.  

With advanced features, such as real-time currency conversion rates, a QR code scanner for touch-free transactions, transaction history, and account management, the app provides a secure and seamless user experience. 


BNPL – A Next-gen Payment Method with Cool Features and Capabilities

The Buy Now Pay Later app makes purchases affordable with interest-free, user-friendly installments. The revolutionary payment method benefits both users and merchants.  

From payment tracking to integrated eCommerce and flexible payment options, users can complete the purchase without leaving the app. 

The secrets to achieving 100% success in App Modernization

Ensuring top performance during app modernization involves conducting a thorough analysis of the current app, prioritizing areas of improvement, leveraging domain expertise, utilizing efficient processes, and utilizing knowledgeable people.

It is possible to achieve top performance during the process by conducting a thorough analysis of the current app, prioritizing areas of improvement, leveraging domain expertise, utilizing efficient processes, and utilizing knowledgeable people.

Why Choose Us for Mobile App Modernization?


Expertise in App Development

Our experienced developers possess a thorough understanding of modernizing mobile apps and offer assistance in adding new features and functionality.


Knowledge of the Latest Technology

We are committed to staying current with the latest technology advancements and tools. This ensures your app remains at the forefront of innovation.


Agile Development Processes

At Kody Technolab, we offer a flexible, scalable process for app design and delivery to ensure successful product launches.


Proven Management Process

Our proven management process for mobile app modernization ensures efficient and effective delivery of updated, user-friendly mobile applications.


Customer-centric Approach

Our approach to mobile app modernization delivers updated, user-friendly apps with minimal downtime and seamless integration of new features.


Cost-effective Solutions

We offer cost-effective solutions for mobile app modernization, helping businesses modernize their apps without breaking the bank.

Business Model Mobile App Modernization

Kody Technolab’s aim is to provide expert advice and services to clients on a project basis. You can select any one of the below-mentioned business models depending on your specific products, services, and target market.

Hire dedicated teams
  • In this model, clients can contract with a pool of professionals to work on the project. The client can hand-pick the team of members that will dedicatedly work after ensuring that they have the right skills and expertise.
  • The client is able to have greater control over the timelines and communication channels.
  • You will have a clear understanding of the cost of the project in advance. Small and medium-sized businesses can make careful decisions and allocate resources accordingly.
Fixed time and cost model
  • When you select this model, the team sits with you to decide on terms and pricing beforehand.
  • The dedicated team works respectively towards deliveries.
  • It is an extremely cost-effective approach and suitable for small-sized businesses.
Hybrid hiring model
  • It is a modern approach to recruitment and selection.
  • In this model, you choose to outsource a limited deliverable with us.
  • The flexibility of this model allows any-sized business to opt for it.

Mobile App Modernization Services

Kody Technolab provides top-notch mobile app modernization services, delivering updated and user-friendly apps with minimal downtime. Our cost-effective solutions cater to businesses in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, UAE, and Australia.

Platform migration
Implementing New Technology
Marker-Based AR
Performance optimization
Code refactoring
Security enhancements

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Our Industry Expertise

Stay ahead of the game with our cutting-edge mobile app modernization services. Elevate your app and keep up with the fast-paced digital world. We serve industries globally, including in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and beyond.

Banking & Finance
Banking & Finance
Social Network
Social Network
Real Estate
Real Estate

Frequently Asked Question?

Mobile app modernization is the process of updating an existing app to include the latest technology, features, and user experience. It helps businesses stay relevant and competitive in a constantly evolving digital landscape.

As companies grow and change, it’s important for them to make sure their apps are always up-to-date with the latest technology. If a company doesn’t modernize its app, it could lose customers or fail to meet customer expectations.

Modernization can improve your app in several ways, including increased performance, better user experience, increased security, and the ability to integrate new technologies.

These benefits are especially important for customers who want to stay on top of the latest technology.

If your app has outdated technology, is slow or crashing, has a poor user experience, or if you want to add new features or functionality, it may be time for modernization.

The duration of the modernization process depends on the scope and complexity of the project. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

The modernization process may or may not affect your existing data and users, depending on the scope of the modernization project. If your app’s existing data structures and user profiles are being updated or changed, there may be some impact on your current data and users. 

However, a professional and experienced modernization team will take measures to minimize disruption to your existing data and users. They will work with you to develop a plan for migration and ensure a smooth transition to the new and improved app.

It’s difficult to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of modernizing an app without performing a thorough analysis first. The cost will vary based on the project’s scope, the app’s complexity, and the development team’s experience.

Words Of Appreciation

Discover the impact our solutions have had on the lives and businesses of our customers and see why they choose us time and time again.

If you want a reliable software partner who you can rely on for anything, even after development, Kody Technolab is a perfect choice. They helped us create an amazing milk delivery app with a dynamic subscription and advanced features with minimal design.

kody technolab
Milkmore - (Mitesh Patel, Director)

We collaborated with Kody to develop an on-demand food and parcel delivery application. The team is excellent at their development skills and quick at understanding your business requirements to come up with the right solution.

kody technolab
Duzzy - (Dilip Dangodara, Co-Founder)

My experience with Kody Technolab was fantastic. They developed a website and mobile app for my home massage company, Soothee, with impressive responsiveness and technical skills. The team was great to work with and quickly understood my business goals.

kody technolab
Soothee - (Frank Koh - Founder)

Kody Technolab helped me create a beauty service booking app for Africans with a user-friendly and intuitive design. Thanks to their Flutter development skills and design expertise, we launched a beautiful app without bugs in a short time.

kody technolab
AfroUrembo - (Martijn Imrich - Founder & CTO)

I partnered with Kody Technolab to build an online fashion marketplace using Flutter. They were prompt in incorporating additional features mid-development, and their team was supportive and easy to work with. A great partner, even for a non-tech CEO.

kody technolab
Bhesbhusa – (Suyash Agrawal, Founder)

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