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Agile for Flutter App Development

Agile for Flutter App Development: The Latest Combination making all the Buzz

Sagar Bagsariya,

The magic of Flutter is spell-bounding. But when its magic combines with Agile Scrum Methodology, you can expect incremental business progress. Agile methodology has been adopted by many software development companies to develop a fully-fledged product. Agile methodology’s manifesto is that you can divide a complex task into smaller chunks, especially when the project encompasses multiple emerging technologies. 

Flutter, on the other hand, is an open-source SDK already embraced by hundreds of entrepreneurs to develop a cross-platform app. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of combining both the maestros and how you can leverage its advantage. This blog comes directly from our experts and lets you know how you can use Agile for Flutter app development.

To begin with,

Agile Methodology in Flutter App Development

What is Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development is an iterative process consisting of short task cycles that evolve with the project’s progress. The customer can check the output or the project’s progress after every iteration. And based on that, the necessary changes can be made to the product.

The entire team works collaboratively in the app development process to ensure faster yet qualitative deliverables. The project evolves as all the cross-functional teams & clients work together toward achieving the desired solution. An Agile app development method comprises of the following stages: planning, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, and documentation. The first step of planning, says Lean Canvassing triggers the next step of developing a Product Requirement documentation and so on, so forth.

Agile methodologies value every individual and interaction and help the development company in completing the project on time. It is really worth investing your time and resources in learning the implementation of Agile for Flutter app development because it will reap your business maximum benefits. Agile for flutter mobile app development makes an interesting combination for developers who wish to create a high-quality mobile application without any changes.

If you ask us, Why Flutter is recommended for Agile mobile app development, we would say it is because of the Flutter features.

Flutter has many successful stories in its pocket, to name a few, Alibaba, Reflectly, Birch Finance, & Google Ads. These popular names chose to go for Flutter because of the desirable features it offers for Flutter app development.

Allows you to build an app for iOS and Android:

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform SDK that allows developers to share code across platforms. It uses Dart as a programming language and compiles your code into native machine code. You can thus use the same code base and build an app for iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, it ensures speedy app development allowing you to make more profits.

Increases team productivity:

Flutter saves a lot of development time and effort for the teams. It allows them to share a single code base and launch applications on multiple platforms. This ensures the higher productivity of members involved in the project.

Offers Great Performance:

Flutter is full of widgets, widgets that serve various purposes. The Dart compiler comprises its own widgets, and hence it doesn’t need a Javascript bridge to address the gap. Hence, an app developed using Flutter shows better performance than any other.

It is highly compatible:

When you are building an app using Flutter, you can rest assured about its performance. The built-in widgets work in the same manner across all the platforms without disturbing the user experience. The uniformity in performance across various platforms is something that developers embrace about Flutter the most.


It is open source:

Developed by Google’s Flutter is an open-source UI development tool kit. It also provides comprehensive documentation for the developers to learn and implement Flutter features.

You might wonder if Flutter in itself suffices all the requirements, then what is the need for Agile for Flutter app development?

The Agile Scrum development methodology composes of several roles and responsibilities, depending on the project type and size. The number of roles varies from project to project; however, it is an effective method to handle large and complex project tasks.

Since you can divide the tasks into multiple tasks, you can iterate the project as and when required and work progressively towards the end. We will divide the roles and responsibilities of Scrum Agile development teams for your better understanding. These teams are subdivided teams from the Agile methodology team.

Product Owner:

A product owner is the one who knows all the whereabouts of the project and is responsible for all the exercises.

Product Backlog:

All the tasks divided within teams are worked upon, and any changes or modifications are well-addressed.

Agile Sprint Backlog and Planning:

The entire team working together with Agile for Flutter app development checks the pending backlogs and plans out a sprint to cover them up.

Many entrepreneurs have this big misconception that Agile for Flutter mobile app development is only for big giants. However, in our opinion, small to medium-sized businesses can leverage the methodology and make a fortune out of it. Small and medium enterprises do not have clear roles and responsibilities defined. They always juggle the tasks, which may impact their productivity and efficiency.

Adopting Agile methodology in Flutter app development will simplify the entire process and make things clear for them. This will allow the small companies to accomplish a complex task that would have been difficult, with much ease & comfort.

Agile Methodology in Flutter App Development

Let us explain to you by giving subpoints of the advantages you will have by going Agile for Flutter app development.

You will improve upon Flutter app quality:

Flutter itself makes the app development process a breeze. When combined with Agile, you will have a quality check being run at every step to ensure a glitch-free product development.

You can confirm your client’s satisfaction at every step:

Since Agile methodology divides the entire project into various slots, you can discuss the progress after completing every stage. This will also keep the entire team & client aligned with the project goal. Furthermore, you can showcase your work progress to the client, get their approval, and then move ahead with the process.

This will keep the client updated with the happenings, and they will feel satisfied with the development approach.

You will have more transparency:

Choosing Agile for Flutter app development will keep things crystal clear. The entire task list is distributed amongst the team & client, and each one of them is aware of the happenings.

You can have better business earnings:

Agile for Flutter app development speeds up the entire process of app development. Since the application quality is checked at every stage, you can have a faster time to market.

If you find Agile benefits for Flutter app development impressive, do not jump right into it. You need to know and consider certain things before you execute the Agile methodology in Flutter app development. Have a look…

You will need a Scrum master:

If you do not have a Scrum master on your team, let us tell you that you will need to implement Agile for Flutter app development. A Scrum maestro will look into the various process and product requirements.

Check if Agile Scrum implementation is feasible for your specific project:

Agile methodology is flexible and efficient but yet, may not be suitable for all kinds of projects. If your project requirements will keep on changing all the time or you have constant changes to be acknowledged, it is better not to opt for the Agile Scrum methodology.

Decide on the roles and responsibilities:

If you decide to go for Agile, your roles and responsibilities should not be haywire. You have to very specifically define the roles and responsibilities of each team involved in the project.

The agile methodology, combined with Flutter app development, allows entrepreneurs to expand their wings and make meaningful business decisions. If you are looking out for a list of advantages of Agile for Flutter app development, then here it is.

  • You will have a speedy app development cycle with assured quality;
  • It will mitigate the chances of project failure;
  • You can enhance your user experience by focusing on each task meticulously;
  • It will reduce the cost of app development;
  • You can have seamless project management;
  • It will allow you to customize your project as per the requirements;
  • You can have maximum business benefits;

Here are some practices which, if followed, will ensure great success.

It would help if you kept everything synchronized, the requirements, the pending, and the project’s goal. Agile for Flutter app development will bridge the vision gap for the Flutter app development company.

You should start using burnout charts to track every small detail and progress you have made in your app development journey.

The agile methodology will enhance transparency, but you have to take care of the teams’ communication.

Organize a daily meeting to acknowledge the work and progress of every team involved in the process.


Agile for Flutter app development is full of sprints, but the journey isn’t! You have to take care of every aspect of app development in order to have a high-quality, better-performing application. We hope this guide will help you with the implementation of Agile for Flutter. For any queries, you can reach out to experts or hire our Flutter app developers.

Sagar Bagsariya

Sagar Bagasariya is a Flutter expert and technical team leader with a proven knack for designing and developing efficient, high-performing, user-friendly mobile applications.

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