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We are a best flutter app development company in India which develop beautiful cross-platform apps in Flutter. We serve right from start-ups to large scale enterprises. Take a no commitment trial of our best flutter application development team to get best performing mobile application development services in flutter.

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Flutter Application Development Service

We develop high performing mobile applications in Flutter while ensuring the highest level of quality and scalable performance, at the same time keeping projects under an allocated budget.

We can develop cross platform apps in flutter across various industry verticals.

Music App in Flutter

Health App in Flutter

Fitness App in Flutter

Social Media App in Flutter

Dating App in Flutter

Flutter chat application

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How do We Add Value?

We believe in building relationships by adding value to our work. Here are some ways by which we add value to each and every flutter application development project that comes our way!

We believe in complete transparency, so, we use best project management tools that provide real-time project tracking and control over the project.

Placement of information and flow is crucial while designing the application architecture. Thus, we make sure best architecture is in place for every project.

Visually appealing UI/UX is the key to attract a larger audience. We have got your back here! You can rely on our team of designers to give you the best.

We understand that iteration is the only way to achieve best product. So we constantly provide post development support to instantly implement change requests.

Flutter Application Development Process

The Flutter app development process at Kody Technolab follows Agile methodology with test driven development. It ensures seamless communication within the team and complete project transparency for the client.

Non Disclosure Document

Project Understanding

Requirement Document

User Persona Study

Use Case Development

Wire Frame Designing

UI Design & UX Development

Coding & Development


Pre Release Demo

Feedback & Improvement

Deployment on Cloud

Advantages of Flutter Application Development:

Fast & simple coding:

The most popular features of Flutter Hot Reload boots the productivity of development. It allows programmers to view changes in a second without restart the whole process again.

Increased Time-to-Market speed:

An app development with Flutter is faster than its alternatives frameworks as it requires half of the man-hours, compared to separate native app development for iOS & Android.

Impressive UI:

Flutter’s design-centric widgets, advanced APIs, navigation features, etc create a desired eye-catching and appealing UI/UX. These Flutter tools build an app with a native feel.

Specific Logic Implementation:

Flutter provides advanced OS features like GPS coordinates, Bluetooth, sensors data, manage permission, credentials, and other features in ready-to-use plugins supported by Google.

Quick Analysis & Testing:

Flutter makes QA task quick and simple for the team as only one app requires to check. Because of the single codebase developers need to write automatic test code for once only.

Native App Experience:

Flutter framework develops applications for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Web & Desktop, etc using a single codebase with sustaining user experience like native apps.

Why choose Flutter App Development?

Flutter has overcome and eliminated the traditional cross-platform approaches. It solves problems like slow testing procedure, limited design, and provides highly Native user experience. It gives performance like native apps.

With Flutter, you can choose from numerous Integrated Development Environments like Android Studio and IntelliJ. Flutter developers use Visual Code as it is light, faster and consists of features of Android Studio & IntelliJ.

Nevercode supports Flutter. Its first tool Codemagic has created exclusively for Flutter development for continues integration & delivery (CI/CD). Codemagic is simple to learn, and it makes building, testing, debugging easy.

Flutter allows us to use and customize numerous widgets like Scaffold, Drawer, Appbar, etc. Thes widgets are extensible and providing layout and flexible APIs for effects, animation, gestures, etc to sustain native quality.

Flutter has supported by various open-source packages that let developers develop an app faster and save time without much hassle. Packages make complicated tasks easier for developers, they do not need to start from scratch.

Flutter is a reactive cross-platform app development framework. It uses Dart language created by Google that eliminates the bridge of JavaScript to be accessible to OEM widgets and instead direct communicates the native platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing native apps for Android and iOS with Flutter takes about ⅓ of the time than other frameworks such as React Native and Xamarin. Hence, Flutter is the fastest framework among other cross-platform frameworks. Other features that stand Flutter apart from other frameworks are:

Flutter is the only SDK that offers reactive views without requiring a JavaScript bridge;

Much lightweight and exceptionally high performing UI than React Native’s UI;

You can reuse Java, Kotlin, Swift, or Objective C codes within the framework;

Hote Reload feature that makes the app development lightning fast;

N number of open-source packages to simplify any complex task;

You can add Flutter into your existing application piecemeal as a library or module;

Absolutely, Flutter can be the right choice for any application you wish to develop and market in a shorter time. It relies altogether on the development team’s efforts and how they accomplish the project.

Notwithstanding, we would like to suggest you opt for low or medium complexity of the application when choosing Flutter. Subsequently, the developmental efforts would be fewer, and the time to market would be high

Mobile operating systems support Flutter: Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer, and iOS 8 or later.

Mobile hardware: 64-bit iOS devices (starting with iPhone 5S and newer iPhone models), and ARM Android devices.

Flutter supports developing apps with Android and iOS devices, besides, Android emulators and the iOS simulator.

Furthermore, to build Flutter apps, it supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Flutter is the best suite for developing 2D mobile apps for Android and iOS with Material Design. The reason being, it has created using the Skia 2D rendering engine. However, support for developing an app for Windows, macOS, and Linux is coming soon, and Google has to optimize 3D API in the long run.

Flutter enables developers to create beautiful and captivating apps with keeping up the expectations of the client and users. Some of the beneficiaries of the Flutter are:



Google Ads

Xianyu by Alibaba

Stadia Gaming platform

After working with Flutter, some experts and experienced developers believe that it has the potential to replace Java to develop mobile applications. Some of the reasons are;

Flutter makes the development process less complicated;

Many features and widgets that Flutter encompasses are absent in the native app development

Flutter uses Dart programming language that eliminates the need for JavaScript bridge and speeds up the communication between the mobile application and the device.

Hot Reload feature of Flutter enables developers to see any changes made in the code right away without any hitches.

Yes. Flutter offers developers absolute access to some platform-specific services and APIs from the operating system. However, it encourages developers to use Flutter’s asynchronous message passing system to build their own integrations with the platform and third-party APIs.

By outsourcing the software development services, especially from India, you can shorten the time to market your project with the best price and improved quality. Look at some benefits to outsource Flutter app development.

Quickly get started your Flutter project;

Pocket-Friendly development services at offshore development companies;

Save time from hiring and training and retaining Flutter developers;

You will get an experienced and well-organized developers’ team;

Robust end-to-end service and support;

Outsourcing Flutter development will also reduce the risk as the company ensures on time and budget delivery;

While considering the cost to make an app, let us clear that there are a few factors that are common in both the Native and the Flutter app development process. These factors play a specific role in the Flutter app development.

The complexity of the app

The category of the app

Hardware you require to connect with your app

App Design

App Maintenance including updates, modifications in design, and bug fixing

The location of your software partners/agencies

Nevertheless, Flutter also called a cost-effective app development approach. The reason being, it possesses cost-saving components, namely low developmental effort, low maintenance timeline, codebase reusability, extensive UI and widget catalog, etc.

Kody Technolab is among the most experienced Flutter app development companies in India. We offer Flutter app development service worldwide, ensuring zero communication gap between the team and client. A few other benefits of hiring Kody Technolab for Flutter app development are;

Experience with Startup to Big enterprise

Technically sound and experienced team of developers

Wireframing to Deployment everything under one roof

Maintain a quick turnaround time

Transparency and Commitment

Assure long-term support

Yes, Kody Technolab always got your back even after developing a Flutter app. Our team can investigate complex errors in your app to identify and mend or work on the same. You can get in touch with us for a free consultation at your best convenience.