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Learn from the features and business model of Sally beauty to initiate a beauty app development of your own.

Manav Patel,

“Invest in your hair, it’s a crown you never take off,” we follow this statement with all our heart, don’t we? Good hair doesn’t only make you look good from the outside but also fills you with confidence. Let us ask you, how many times have you felt happy and beautiful because your hair looked amazing that day? Well, we already know the answer, it happens quite a lot!

But sometimes we fail to take proper hair care due to several reasons, such as lack of time, laziness, carelessness, or something else. That’s why hair salons are opting for hair care and beauty app development. It enables them to offer convenient services, reach out to more customers, and help them care to maintain their hair and beauty.

And among many hair care and beauty apps, one app that we swear on is Sally Beauty. Sally Beauty offers a one-stop solution for all hair and beauty needs, and that’s why people rely on it so much. 

If you are willing to develop an app like the Sally Beauty app, you should know a few things about such app development. That is what this blog is all about.

We will answer your ‘Whats’ and ‘Hows’ related to the app development to create your business model and start with a bang! Let’s start with an overview of the Sally Beauty app and take you through the basics of hair color and care products app development step-by-step. Let’s start! 

So, what is the Sally beauty app all about?

Sally Beauty is a renowned beauty supply and health and beauty care app that sells beauty care products through over 4,000 stores, including 200 franchised units throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Mexico, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands. 

Sally beauty deals in over 6000 products for skin, hair, and nails from the top brands such as Clairol, L’Oreal, Wella, and many more. Not just that, the users can also get their hair color products on the app after virtually choosing the color that suits them. In addition, the sally beauty app has some of the most remarkable features that are too tough to ignore. 

Here are the cool features of the Sally beauty app 

  • Easy registration
  • Free gifts and special offers on orders
  • Recommendation on the best hair color
  • How-to quiz for hair color
  • Virtual try-on of hair color and makeup products
  • AI and VR for hair and makeup color technology
  • ‘Add to cart’ and ‘save for later features

How does the Sally Beauty reward program work? 

Sally beauty runs a loyalty program known as Sally beauty rewards. This reward program was launched and made accessible to all Sally Beauty customers on October 22, 2018. Sally Beauty celebrates its hair and beauty enthusiasts by replacing its previous Beauty club program with these rewards. 

The old program was a fee-based program where the members had to pay a minimal fee to join the program. On the other hand, the new Sally beauty program members receive $5 as enrollment reward points when they join. The customers can easily manage their rewards if they remain active in the program. 

Why develop a hair care and beauty app like Sally Beauty?

It’s no secret that users today are more comfortable with online services and hair and beauty services are no exception. Here are a few reasons why you should develop a hair care and beauty app like Sally for your business.

  • It makes it affordable for customers to get the hair and beauty care services and products online rather than visiting the store or salon. Thus, having an online beauty app will attract many users. 
  • A hair care and beauty app reaches a larger audience as compared to a physical store. Thus, you can scale your business quickly.
  • As people have become more comfortable with online services, digitizing the hair care and beauty services will help the app owners and startups achieve their estimated goal. 
  • A hair and beauty app recommends the best products to users as per their skin and hair,  and thus, they will keep coming back to the app resulting in more sales. 

How to choose the right mobile app development company for your beauty app project? 

Once you decide to develop a beauty app similar to Sally Beauty, it’s time to search for the right mobile app development company for your project. Afterall, hiring a skilled and experienced app development company will ensure a smooth and successful app development. 

The mobile app developers you hire should understand your requirements and develop high-quality apps that perform well and generate profits. 

Here are the things you must look for in the mobile app development company you choose for your project- 

  • The UI/UX design of their previous apps
  • Their expertise in mobile app development
  • The cost/ hourly rates of their services 
  • The delivery time of the project
  • The support and maintenance services they offer
  • The technology stack they use
  • The quality assurance strategies 

How does the beauty app development go? 

Once you choose the right mobile app development company for your projects, app development comes into action. Let’s quickly have a glimpse at the steps to develop an app like the Sally Beauty app. 

Now let’s talk about the biggest worry of most entrepreneurs- the cost to develop an app like Sally Beauty 

The cost factor always confuses entrepreneurs and especially startups. However, it’s difficult to give an estimated cost straight away, but we would try to

Apparently, there are a few factors that affect the overall cost of app development. The cost of the project varies from one another depending on these factors. Yet, what affects the cost the most is the geological location of the mobile app developers you hire. 

In most cases, the mobile app developers charge hourly for their services, and these hourly rates differ from country to country. Typically, the hourly rates of countries like the USA and UK are much higher than countries like India. 

Thus, if you are concerned about the budget, you can hire mobile app developers from an Indian software development company. Generally, an Indian software development team would charge between $20,000 to $50,000 to develop a hair and beauty mobile app with unique features, great design, and high quality. 

Final words 

Mobile apps where you can get all the beauty and hair care products are so much in demand these days. Beauty apps like Sally have set a benchmark for the budding entrepreneurs having their niche in hair care and beauty. 

If you are a tech enthusiast who wants to develop an app like Sally Beauty, take the plunge and meet an app development team that understands your goals. You can also contact our renowned mobile app development company for your next project. We have experience in this domain and would serve you with the best services in the industry. 

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