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develop a waste food delivery app like Too Good To Go
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How to develop a waste food delivery app like Too Good To Go?

Sanjay Kidecha,

Food is the most basic necessity in human lives, and every human needs food to survive but do you know about 1/3rd of all produce is wasted every year; that means 1.3 billion tons and trillion dollars annually. On one hand we have rising poverty and homelessness everywhere and on the other we have rising food wastage. Some of us can have as much food as we want, but some sections of society don’t have access to two meals a day. Food wastage is a global issue today.

Developing a waste food delivery application is one of the best ways to optimize food consumption and feed the hungry. When it comes to a waste food delivery app, one app that pops up in our minds is Too Good To Go. If you want to make an app like Too Good To Go, you need to understand the process of waste food app development and the dos and don’ts of it. 

How does Too Good To Go work?

How does Too Good To Go work? 

Seeing a growing awareness of food wastage, the Too Good To Go app has come up with the idea to source unsold or remaining edible food and feed it to food-insecure people. The app helps the stores and restaurants sell their unsold food through the Too Good To Go mobile app. The app lets you buy and collect the waste food from cafes and restaurants at a great price so that it feeds people instead of going to waste. 

An app like Too Good To Go is a great way to do something for poorer sections of society and feed them the food that otherwise would have been wasted. Waste food delivery app development is a great app idea for reducing food wastage and saving delicious food for those who need it. 

What are the notable features of a waste food delivery app development?

Developing a waste food delivery app requires unique and valuable features so that the app works smoothly and fulfills the purpose of delivering food to the needy. 

Here are the features you should keep in mind to make an app like Too Good To Go- 

  • Food listings
  • Easy connectivity to the cafes and restaurants
  • Easy payments and refunds
  • Tracking food status
  • Timely notifications and alerts
  • Connecting refugee centers and community centers
  • Quick delivery to the needy 

Apart from these, many more features make a great waste food delivery app. However, it’s good to start with a few basic features and add more functionality as the project scales. 

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What are the steps to develop an app like Too Good To Go? 

We will take you through several steps to develop a waste food delivery app like Too Good To Go. Let us begin now! 

Step 1- Understand the business model for Too Good To Go 

If you understand the business model correctly, the rest of the process becomes simpler. In this step, you can do thorough research on what unique features you want to bring in and how you will integrate those features to make the most out of the app. You can do in-depth research of your app idea through market research and surveys. 

The better you understand the business model, the more smoothly you will move ahead with the rest of the process to develop a successful app. 

Step 2- Competitor analysis 

Understanding your competitors is an essential step to developing a successful app that stands out from the rest. To take inspiration from something is good for gaining new ideas and finding out loopholes. If there are any flaws or loopholes in the competitor’s app, you can work on it and come up with those features in your app. 

A competitor analysis will help the business owners be able to plan for the future more easily. You can set new benchmarks in the industry and fight competition with the right strategies. 

Step 3- Choosing the right mobile app development company 

Now comes the step which requires the utmost care. The mobile app development you choose is going to make or break your waste food delivery app. You should hire mobile app developers from a company that knows the dos and don’ts of mobile app development. 

One way to make sure whether the mobile app development company is worth it is to go through their projects and portfolios and understand their mobile app development process. Check the company’s skills and expertise and make sure they have worked for big brands in the past. 

Step 4- Choosing the mobile app development platform 

Once you hire mobile app developers for app development, the next step is to choose the right platform to build the app. There are many app development platforms available in the industry to choose from. Some of the top options are Android, iOS, cross-platform solutions, native and hybrid apps. You can either choose a platform on your own or ask your mobile app developers to assist you with the same. Choosing the right platform will have long-lasting effects on the success of the project. 

Step 5- Testing and launching the app

After app development, it’s time to make sure the app runs smoothly without any errors. Before the final launch, it’s essential to test the app to make sure it is free of any errors and is ready to launch and use by the users. In this step, the developers run the tests and rectify the errors to hand over a flawless app to the clients. Once the app passes these tests, it is ready for the users to download and use. 

What is the estimated cost to develop an app like Too Good To Go?

What is the estimated cost to develop an app like Too Good To Go? 

Several factors decide the overall cost of app development, and it differs from one project to another. Here are those factors- 

  • Choice of platforms- iOS, Android, and native
  • Native or hybrid app development
  • The number of unique features
  • The technology stack 
  • Hourly rates of the developers

So, different projects will have different development costs depending on the factors above. The number of factors significantly increases or decreases the overall cost of the development. 

To give you a rough estimated cost, developing an app like Too Good To Go will cost you somewhere between $40000- $500000. This is not a fixed cost, and it may sway based on factors mentioned earlier. To know about the cost in detail, discuss your core requirements with the mobile app developers you hire and get the average cost of development. 

Let’s wrap up!

Nothing is better than feeding someone, as it is a great act of kindness. If you are passionate about feeding the poor, you can develop a waste food delivery app to fulfill this purpose. Hire experienced mobile app developers to build a successful app. We are a mobile app development company with qualified developers, designers, and testers. 

We have helped many enterprises with developing creative solutions for their requirements. So, feel free to connect us for your app requirements and we will serve you with our best services. 

Sanjay Kidecha

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