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eCommerce website vs. eCommerce mobile app
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eCommerce app vs website – Which one is ruling today and why?

Sanjay Kidecha,

eCommerce App vs Website: Our honest efforts to put an end to the never ending dilemma.
Transforming traditional businesses into eCommerce businesses is on everyone’s mind these days. With the tremendous increase in online shopping, eCommerce is beneficial for one and all. Hundreds and thousands of businesses are taking their business online with either an eCommerce app or website. 

To commence an eCommerce business, business owners often find themselves stuck in several doubts and bewilderment. One such confusion is figuring out between an eCommerce app and a website. If you, too, are not aware of the difference between an eCommerce app and a website, don’t worry; you will find it out super soon. 

Let us take you through a basic understanding of eCommerce websites and eCommerce applications, to begin with. 

What is an eCommerce website? 

An eCommerce mobile website is a website optimized and scaled for mobile devices. eCommerce websites consist of a domain name that is accessible to everyone having an internet connection. Typical features of a website include smaller fonts, fewer page elements, and less white space. 

What is an eCommerce app? 

An eCommerce app is a program accessed via the internet or stored locally. Mobile apps use the device’s native features, which allow the developers to create better and faster user experiences. A mobile app runs on mobile devices across two operating systems- Android and iOS. Moreover, some mobile apps even run on both Android and iOS, and they are usually called hybrid apps. 

After a basic understanding of eCommerce websites and apps, it’s fair to say that people prefer mobile apps over websites. There are several reasons behind the ever-growing love for mobile eCommerce apps. 

According to Statista, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide has increased significantly from 2016 onwards, surpassing 200 billion in 2019. Moreover, mobile apps are expected to earn more than 613 billion U.S dollars in 2025. 

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eCommerce app vs website comparison- Who wins and why?

eCommerce app vs website comparison- Who wins and why? 

Different businesses have different needs, budgets, and priorities, and therefore, some go for eCommerce websites, and some for eCommerce apps. Moreover, giants like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are focusing on both- mobile apps and websites. 

We will now head straight to the eCommerce app vs. eCommerce website comparison and see which one overpowers the other. So, are you ready? 

Cost and timeline 

In most cases, the time taken to develop a mobile application is higher than creating an eCommerce website.

There are multiple CMS options that offer ready-made eCommerce themes and plugins, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. These CMS are not only cost-effective but also develop robust eCommerce websites in a week or even less. 

Developing an eCommerce app will definitely take more time than the website . 

Personalized user experience 

User experience plays a vital role in customer retention. If we talk about eCommerce websites, they provide a decent user experience, but when it comes to offering personalized services, eCommerce apps have the upper hand. 

eCommerce apps enable integrating many features such as exclusive ads, notifications, coupons and scratch cards, enhanced security, and much more. eCommerce websites, on the other hand, can’t match up to such personalization. 

So, although eCommerce websites offer a decent user experience, eCommerce apps are the clear winner here. 

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eCommerce app vs website

Search engine optimization 

When it comes to eCommerce apps vs. websites in terms of search engine optimization, optimizing an eCommerce website for Google and other search engines will drive great traffic to the site. Moreover, various content marketing strategies will also increase the reach and brand awareness. 

eCommerce applications can also be optimized to get good ratings in the app store search results, but it can’t beat the way websites are optimized. 

Hence, when compared to eCommerce apps, eCommerce websites have more potential to increase their organic traffic through search engine optimization. 

Ability to work offline 

This is probably the most notable difference between an eCommerce website and an eCommerce app. It’s very clear that websites require good internet connectivity to perform seamlessly. 

Similarly, eCommerce apps require internet connectivity to perform most tasks, but an app still offers basic content and functionality even in the offline mode. 

Thus, websites can only perform limited actions without the internet, whereas eCommerce apps have the potential to work even offline. 


Both eCommerce websites and apps require a lot of maintenance to work efficiently. From regular security checks, latest trends, and updating the content regularly, maintaining both websites and apps require time and effort.

To maintain an eCommerce website, you can hire an expert web developer having expertise in eCommerce website development. On the other hand, to maintain an app, you need to hire two developers for Android and iOS. 

Thus, eCommerce website vs. cost in terms of maintenance is a draw. Both websites and apps need to be maintained well to perform seamlessly. 

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Why do people prefer apps over websites?

Why do people prefer apps over websites? 

There are reasons behind people liking something over something else. The same goes for people’s admiration for eCommerce apps over eCommerce websites. Businesses are in search of a renowned mobile app development company that can give shape to their ideas and develop successful apps for their business. 

But, what are the reasons that make apps better than websites? Let’s quickly have a look. 

  • Mobile apps offer better personalization than eCommerce websites. Mobile apps let the users set up their preferences and serve them custom eCommerce app development services. 
  • eCommerce apps have the ability to send instant in-app and push notifications to the users. These notifications are one of the prime reasons why many businesses are choosing apps over websites. 
  • Users all over the world spend more time on apps than eCommerce websites. Moreover, users spend the majority of their time on gaming apps, social media apps, and eCommerce shopping apps. 
  • Mobile apps are great for increasing conversions as they push users down the conversion funnel. 
  • Mobile apps create a great brand presence for the business as users encounter the apps they have installed every day. These encounters work as a branding opportunity for mobile apps. 
  • Another reason that makes mobile apps so popular is that apps work faster than websites. A well-designed mobile app performs actions quicker than websites. 
  • Mobile websites rely on browser functions like ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’ to work, whereas there is no such need in mobile apps. A mobile app works on advanced features to offer more functionality. 

It’s time to transform your eCommerce website into a mobile app.

It’s time to transform your eCommerce website into a mobile app.

If mobile app development seems like a great idea to you, why not develop a remarkable app for your business? The most crucial thing to take care of while developing an app is to hire skilled app developers from a renowned mobile app development company. 

Moreover, if you already have an existing eCommerce website but want to transform it into an app, we are the right partners for that. Our skilled mobile app developers have worked on several successful projects and look forward to putting their skills into new exciting projects always. So, we are here to listen to your project ideas and begin mobile app development at the soonest.

Sanjay Kidecha

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