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Save Cost And Time With This Guide On Hiring Graphic Designers

Manav Patel,

Graphic designers make your business look good. They design things that are visually appealing, eye-catching and ultimately, they are the reason why you stand out from your competitors. The first thing people see when they visit your website or social media accounts or even see you at an event is your branding. According to a study,

  • 70% of online businesses fall through because of bad UX design;
  • Almost 95% of people do not trust outdated websites;
  • 79% of internet users who don’t like a site’s UI/UX design start searching for other sites right away;
  • Only 50-55% of companies conduct user experience design testing.

Hence, your business needs a graphic designer to ensure that all of the visual aspects of your brand are consistent. So, customers can easily recognize you and remember you. And whether it’s a logo, website design, or branded merchandise, graphic designers help you create the visual assets of your business. 

So, if you run a small or big business, you should consider hiring a graphic designer. Because graphic designers make businesses and organizations communicate and convey their messages effectively and attractively.

And the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong person for the job. After all, the quality of your graphic design has a direct impact on your business’s bottom line. If you don’t have in-house experience or expertise, it’s important to spend time researching how to hire a graphic designer before you start looking for applicants.

In this guide, we’ll discuss important things to consider before hiring a graphic designer. 

Difference between an in-house and outsourced designer

Difference between an in-house and outsourced designer

There are many factors to consider when hiring a graphic designer. But first, you have to decide you want an in-house or outsourced designer. Then create a job description for your graphic designer that includes all the qualities and experience needed. And, always remember to ask candidates good questions during the interview to make sure they’re the right fit for your company.

The latter things will be easy if you know who to hire. So let’s delve into both the options and find out whether you should outsource or hire a designer in-house.


When it comes to experience and expertise, outsourcing gets applause because you can choose from a wide range of skills. Since the outsourcing designing team brings their years of experience that is hard to find in local specialists. Even if you manage to find such a design expert, you might have to pay a fortune. 


Hiring graphic designers in-house indeed grants you full control over your team. However, now there are remote team management tools that eliminate potential difficulties in your remote product designer team.

Hiring process

Finding graphic designers can be a hectic task as you have to ensure they can produce high-quality designs. For that matter, you need to employ specialist recruiters to source resumes, screen them, and arrange several rounds of interviews. Seemingly, it will consume significant time. Outsourcing a freelance graphic designer or agency, on the other hand, takes half of the time to get you started with your project.


If you think having in-house web designers is cost-effective, you are in the dark. With the in-house team comes a list of expenditures to bear regardless of the time they won’t work— monthly salary, social guarantees, arrangement of the workplace, advanced training. 

With outsourcing, on the contrary, you get different design services and models to choose from that suit your project/business needs. Hence, you pay only for what you want to design.


If you are afraid of time, high budget; operational cost, technical risks, and other external risks, outsourcing is the best option. Because outsourcing covers major safety measurements. For example, despite NDA, they assure deadlines, performance, and scope of work. 

On the flip side, in-house designers may not be as prudent as outsourcing. Because they tend to change jobs frequently for higher packages and may leave the project at a critical stage.


Since in-house designers work on your premises, you have more control over them and can keep a bird’s eye view for the quality.  But when you outsource or hire freelance designers, you have to be extra vigilant. Nevertheless, documenting your requirements, setting milestones, and project charters can help you maintain high quality.

Project scaling 

Scalability is something businesses have to think about before hiring any type of designer as it is challenging. You might need to augment or reduce your team as per your business requirements. While this is next to impossible to hire and fire in-house employees, with outsourcing you get this flexibility on-demand.

Why do you need to outsource your design requirements?

Why do you need to outsource your design requirements?

Business owners and executives make tough decisions every day. One of those tough calls is whether to hire a graphic designer or outsource to a design firm. While you could try to handle all the tasks that are associated with graphic design, here are five reasons why outsourcing is just maybe your best option.


You may be surprised to find out that there are a lot of design requirements that are much easier to handle with the help of an experienced, professional designer. In fact, with the right person on your team, your process will be much smoother.

That is why many big to small companies choose to outsource specialized designers. Because your designer can be excellent at logo design or brand identity, but may not have experience in package designs or business cards.  

Penetrating new niches

Suppose you are a marketing agency, working with clients from different industry verticals. In that case, you need to bring a variety of designs that tickle your clients’ and their customers’ fancy. Now rather than hiring a designer specialized in each industry you can quickly outsource the task cost-effectively. Because you don’t want to hire a designer for a few months’ project and bear their wage and maintenance lifelong.

Save time and cost

Outsourcing design services or hiring dedicated remote designers saves you more than you think. They save you tons of time from hiring processes and managing designer operations, sparing you to focus on important things. 

Above all, if you hire graphics designers from an Indian outsourcing software company, you can save additional bucks. The reason is the development and designing services in India are of high quality but pocket-friendly, too.

Things to keep in mind while outsourcing your requirements

Things to keep in mind while outsourcing your requirements

If you are considering outsourcing your graphic design requirements, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • First, it is important to identify what the project is that you need help with. Some designers specialize in logo design or branding while others may be more skilled at web design. Hence, it is necessary to know what type of service you need before looking for a designer. That way, you can find a designer who has the skills that you need and make sure they can handle your project.
  • Second- It is also essential to identify how much time you have available for this project. If there is not enough time for an elaborate project, then it may be better to outsource it rather than attempting it on your own without any knowledge of the topic.
  • Third- You must consider where the person will be located and whether they speak the same language as yourself or not. This could affect how well they communicate with you and how well you communicate with them about the project. You can also mutually decide the time and means to communicate the project-related matters regularly. 
  • Fourth- Analyze what technologies and resources they use to serve with high-quality design. In addition, you should ask how they manage projects and iterations in the design.
  • Lastly- Examine the different engagement models and benefits they offer to hire their designers on-demand, for example, fixed cost, time, and material-based. This aspect can vary your budget dramatically. 
Ways to hire a graphic designer from from an outsourcing company

Ways to hire a graphic designer from from an outsourcing company 

When you hire graphic designers from a third party company, you get three options to choose from:

Time & Material Model: 

In this model, you hire designers on an hourly basis. Hence, you have to pay for resources and the total hours they work on your project. You can mutually schedule the working hours and have control over them during the period. 

It’s ideal if your project scope or specifications change often or need to experiment with new requirements.

Fixed Price Model: 

In this model, the price of the project is designed beforehand as per the requirements. And you can pay as per project milestones. This project works well when your project requirements are clear and fixed.

Dedicated Development Team: 

This one is a highly flexible and cost-effective hiring model and is perfect for projects that require frequent design changes and special skills. 

Parting words

Being able to offer full-time employment comes with its own benefits but it also comes at a cost and drawbacks. So, if you don’t have the budget for full-time employment, consider outsourcing. That way, you can still get access to quality designers who specialize in different areas.

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