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This in-depth insider advice exposes the key to hire a UX designer. It’s worth your read.

Sanjay Kidecha,

When businesses decide to go digital, they have several goals in mind. Some of these goals differ from one business to another, but some remain constant for all businesses. One of the key goals is to provide a meaningful and relevant experience to the users. 

Now, businesses are eager to know how to provide an excellent user experience. The key is to focus on the user experience design to make a project stand out. Moreover, excellent and high-quality UX design also falls under the list of topmost priorities for businesses. And, to create impactful UX design, talented UX designers are to be brought on board. 

The user experience designers create products that provide top-notch experiences to the users and make shopping a fun task. Besides that, they offer great user experience design, which involves the design of the whole process of acquiring and integrating the product, branding, and designing the product. 

As mentioned above, businesses are on the watch to partner with the best UX designers in the industry. Since the industry is vast, you might wonder how to hire a UX designer or meet your dream team of UX designers. Do not worry about that as we have created this guide, especially for you to help you find creative designers.

But, before we begin with the guide to hiring the best talent, let’s have a quick look at the role of UX designers and understand what value they add to the overall project. 

What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer follows a customer-centric approach to making websites and apps attractive and engaging for users. It’s the job of a UX designer to design a product that is accessible to users, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, UX designers’ responsibilities also include making sure that the product or service meets the needs of the business as well as the users. 

All in all, a UX designer is responsible for understanding the needs and expectations of the users. Not to mention, designing an attractive interface that resonates with their needs is their primary task. 

hire a qualified remote UX designer

Why hire a qualified remote UX designer? 

To complete a project development team, companies are on a quest to hire ideal remote designers. But what value would a remote UX designer add to the project?  We will know this by elaborating on the tasks of a UX designer and understanding why companies should not miss hiring them for their project. 

So, stay with us and keep reading. 

Conducting user research 

It goes without saying that research is mandatory for every single project. The initial stage of a UX design usually begins with solid research. Generally, a UX designer conducts the research soon after discussing the project with the client. 

The research phase is where the designer will scope out the project. During this phase, the designer has to attentively identify the users’ goals in relation to the product. Thus, the better the research conducted by remote UX designers, the user experience will improve simultaneously. 

Building user flows and wireframes 

Skilled and efficient user experience designers are always good at complex designing tools to map out the user’s journey. And to make it easy and straightforward, they practice wireframes and build great user flow. 

User flows are basically flowcharts that visualize the path a user follows while interacting with a product. Wireframes, on the other hand, provide a two-dimensional outline of a single screen or page. Thus, a qualified user experience designer manages user flows and develops wireframes with utmost efficiency. 

Prototyping and user testing 

Once the product layout is all ready, the next role of the UX designer is to create prototypes and run user tests. Now, let us briefly tell you what prototype and user testing exactly is. 

Prototypes are basically a project in a nutshell. This means it is the stimulation that enables testing the designs before the final development. Moreover, prototypes vary from simple paper models to more realistic and interactive ones that imitate the final product. 

Next comes testing the prototypes that the designers just created. Testing the prototypes on real users helps in highlighting any flaws before launching the final product in the market. Some designers even perform several rounds of testing until they get the flawless final product. 

After-launch services 

Many assume that a UX designer’s job ends at the product launch. But they are highly mistaken. Even after the product launch, there will be refinements, several small changes, feedback, and analytics to discuss and work on. 

An experienced and skilled UX designer will not disappear after the product launch. They will be present to assist the users with any issues, questions, or queries that befall after the project deployment. 

Before we move ahead, please note that when you hire a remote UX designer for your project, the whole mobile app design process flows in the right direction. Thus, hiring remote developers has a plethora of benefits for your project. 

types of UX designers

Let’s have a look at the types of UX designers and their many responsibilities. 

UX designer is an umbrella term that consists of many other roles under it. A bigger design team might have UX specialists other than UX designers. Yes, you guessed it right. We will now discuss these UX roles along with their job descriptions and responsibilities. So, stay here a little longer and explore the types of UX roles with us. Here we go! 

UX researcher 

Pretty much clear by the name itself, a UX researcher focuses on the research phase of the app design process. UX researchers are often good at analyzing human behavior as they gather in-depth insights into users’ needs. To conduct the best research, UX researchers rely on qualitative and quantitative research. 

Following are the key responsibilities of a UX researcher- 

  • Identify the research questions
  • Conduct interviews, user surveys, and usability tests 
  • Help in defining user personas
  • Present insights to shape the long-term product strategy 

UX information architect 

Information architects are like digital librarians who are concerned with organizing the content across the digital product. They also look over how organizing the content contributes to an improved user experience.

Here are the responsibilities that fall under UX architects- 

  • Overall navigation of the site
  • Analyze how users navigate the content of the site
  • Assess the existing information architecture and highlight the areas that need improvement 
  • Design the information architecture for the app
  • Create flow diagrams and define information hierarchies 

UX writer 

One of the emerging roles under the UX design umbrella is a UX writer. Since content is critical to making an ever-lasting impact, every company wants a creative UX writer for their products. 

A UX writer is responsible for the following tasks- 

  • Curating any content that the users will encounter
  • Developing useful and detailed copy that guides the user correctly 
  • Conduct user research and understand the audience 
  • Create user-friendly copies that help them complete the desired actions 

UX analyst 

A UX analyst has the critical job of improving the engagement rate of the customers. UX analysts analyze client retention and revenue trends and find out the best way to create client goals and achieve them.

Following are the key responsibilities of a UX analyst- 

  • Planning tasks for UX design projects
  • Create a well-organized and value-driven framework for sturdy UX design
  • Conduct research to understand users’ diverse needs

Which top qualities to look for in a remote UX designer? 

In the simplest words, UX designers are responsible for providing the best look, feel, and experience of a product to the users. Therefore, companies are actively looking forward to hiring UX designers with the best skills and qualities. So, which qualities to look for in a remote UX designer? Let’s find out. 

  • A strong portfolio of their past work serves as an evidence of their quality work 
  • UX designers must have knowledge of several design tools and software
  • Must be available to collaborate with other members of the team 
  • Must have significant problem-solving skills
  • Should have good communication skills 
  • They should be analytically inclined to justify every design decision they make 
  • They must have the Ability to pay close attention to detail 
  • UX designers must practice empathy to understand the users and their needs 

If you come across a UX designer having all the qualifications mentioned above, you have probably found your dream remote UX designer. 

If you are confused about whether hiring a designer will help you with both product and user experience design, you should understand each term separately, i.e., product design vs. UX design. 

process to hire a remote UX designer

What process to follow to hire a remote UX designer? 

Like every other task, hiring a remote UX designer also requires going through a well-defined process. Hiring a UX designer in a rush can have crucial consequences. Thus, it’s essential to not overlook the necessary steps of the hiring process. After all, it’s always better to take a little more time and do a job perfectly than to leave something half-done. 

So, without any further delay, it’s time to understand the process of hiring the best remote UX designers. Let’s begin. 

Identifying the business goals 

First and foremost, a business needs to be clear about its business goals. The business must be clear about the size of its project and budget. Once they are certain about these two, it would be a lot easier to decide whether to hire a single UX designer or a whole team of specialists. 

Deciding on the type of UX designer 

Next up, the businesses must figure out if they want to hire junior or senior UX designers. In fact, hiring a part-time UX designer is also a befitting option. Businesses can hire a part-time UX designer initially and can hire a full-time one when required. 

Interviewing the UX designer 

Once the decision of hiring a junior, senior, or part-time UX designer is sorted, the next important task is to interview them to understand their abilities. In this crucial step, the businesses should interview the potential UX designers about their core strengths, their past projects, their proficiency with design tools, and of course, their overall experience. 

Moreover, one must check the qualities that we have mentioned above to go the extra mile to hire the best talent on board. 

Rounding up the requirements and getting started 

After the interview goes well, and you have defined your needs and goals with the designer, the next step is about rounding up the requirements and taking care of some formalities. 

Here, the business needs to sign NDAs and other legal contracts with the designers and get started with the journey that awaits. 

After the process we just put forward, if you are wondering whether to hire freelance designers or an agency for your next project, here’s our blog on freelance designers vs. design agencies. It will come in handy for you. So, don’t forget to check it out. 

Now let’s address the elephant in the room- the cost to hire a remote UX designer. 

We know this question has been on your mind ever since you started reading this blog. Well, it’s pretty obvious because everything comes with a cost, after all. Actually, the cost of hiring a remote UX designer depends on several underlying factors. 

First and foremost, remote UX designers prefer to work at hourly rates. Therefore, the overall cost would be a byproduct of total working hours multiplied by the hourly rates of the designers. 

Secondly, remote designers from different regions charge different hourly rates. 

For instance, if you hire an intermediate-level Indian-based UX designer, the hourly rates would range between $20- $30. However, hiring UX designers from the UK or US-based companies would cost you much more. 

Thus, to conclude, we would say giving an overall cost is tough. But you can consider the below three factors to estimate an approx budget. 

  • The location of the designers
  • Hourly rates of the designers
  • Total working hours of the designers

We hope we helped you decently in figuring out the cost of hiring remote UX designers. Though there is a lot to learn about the cost of designing a mobile application.

Ready to recruit the most talented UX designers? 

After going through this guide and understanding the cost and process of hiring UX designers, we hope you are all ready to recruit your dream UX designer for that dream project. If you have not met a stunningly talented designer yet, our UX designers are all excited to get to know your project better. You can either hire a dedicated UX designer or a whole team of UX specialists from our reputed company. 

So, talk to our UX experts and discuss your core design needs with them. Our UX designers can infuse a fresh breath of air in your project with an impeccable UX design and, ultimately, improved User experience. 

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Operating Officer at Kody Technolab, where he seamlessly blends his expertise in operations, finance and technology to drive innovation and operational excellence. A passionate advocate for digital transformation, Sanjay writes extensively about how various industries can leverage technology to stay ahead. His insights on emerging trends and practical guides helps leading companies navigate this fast-paced tech world.

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