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Solving The Ambiguity Around “How To Name Your App” With This Blog

Manav Patel,

Your newly developed application is like a newborn baby; it has no identity but can only function. Well, the first thing you do for the unnamed baby is to think of a suitable name. Many things go into “just planning a name” because it will set up an identity and remain the same for the years to come. App naming exactly feels the same. 

The application name has an emotion attached to it. It not only helps in showing up in search results but also persuades people to use it. Mobile application names have the potential to set up power and reliability. App naming is the name you will use for branding and marketing in the future. It will remain for a lifetime and follow your app wherever it is marketed. This is why, as an entrepreneur, it is extremely important for you to know “how to name your app” considerations. Well, as important it is to follow the mobile app development process steps such as lean canvas, product requirements document preparation, and prototyping

There is no rocket science in the process, but it definitely involves a lot of imagination & creativity that helps you choose the perfect name for your app. Additionally, reading this blog will protect you from committing common mistakes that can lead to blunders. Remember, the right app name can make all the difference.

Let me give you an example; what sounds more striking? Is it Eldrick Woods or Tiger Woods? Same way, Stefani Germanotta or Lady Gaga? The answer is definitely the latter one, and there you realize the strength of a “Name.” 

Quick Takeaway: An application name should be simple, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and should not have any language barriers or age barriers.

In the next section, we will discuss the tips and considerations you should know on “how to name your app.” After studying some of the popular app names and the ideas the app owners would have put behind choosing the right name for a mobile app, we have come up with these considerations. 

Tip 1: Learn from the already existing app competition:

We won’t get into figures, but you already know that millions of apps exist in Apple Store and Google Store. Your very first step should be to list out app names that function in your niche. 

Once you have done this exercise, study their names, emotions, and the icons they have used for their apps. Do any of the names ring a bell of success? Is it a short name or a long one? Have they used a proper word or spelled it uniquely? Does your competitor use a keyword strategy in app naming? 

Answering all these questions by yourself will make things clear. Well, you shouldn’t copy or name an app exactly the same as the existing one because you might end up in a legal conflict. But, all of these exercises will take you a step closer to your app naming analysis. 

Tip 2: App name should showcase what & how the application functions:

App naming is not a random name picking up process. It is only 1% of You pick up what you Like ideology. App naming is the process of choosing a name that describes the application features and functioning more precisely. 

It should reflect the app image and help users in judging the application’s offerings. Say, for example, WeChat. The name clearly shows what the application deals with and depicts the application’s main purpose to the users—similarly, Facebook. The symbol and the name explain the working of the application or at least give an abstract idea of the application’s philosophy. 

Remember, do not try to complicate the task; lookout for the right name and an opportunity to book the same for your application. 

Tip 3: Play the word name game:

Users prefer easy-to-remember names. In the already flooded application store, it is difficult to come up with a name that would mark a history. It would be wise to decide on a one-word name, but if you can not, you can always try it in combination or compound words. 

Compound words here mean a combination of one or more words conveying the meaning. This can be noun+noun, phrasal verb, adjective + noun or pronoun + noun, anything. 

Also, you can stand out by changing the lettering style, or capitalizing letters, or using the lowercase letter. We don’t say it is easy to get an exact word that satisfies you, but you can always articulate & twist a few to have your own. 

The thing to remember from this tip is: Keep the app name short and memorable. Skype, Snapchat, Or Tinder didn’t just become go-to apps without effort. Their names also did the magic. 

Tip 4: Use an action word:

This might sound like an extension of the above, and surely it is. Your app name hunt also includes searching for a word that defines an action. Let me explain this idea. When somebody contacts you asking for information that you might not know, the first thing you give as an answer is “Let me Google it.” Another, when somebody shares his/her phone number, the brain quickly processes and asks, “Is this your WhatsApp number too? I will WhatsApp you the location”. So yeah, the application name is covered in action too, and that is how it is remembered. 

Tip 5: Use keywords to make your app searchable:

When anything goes online, keywords start playing a very important role. Yes, the same applies to the app naming procedures too. App store optimization and keyword strategy come into the picture while you plan for app submission. The title of the application, the meta field description, requires you to add keywords in order to make the application more searchable. 

This requires you to contact SEO experts who can guide you with the process because you might end up being rejected if you overdo it. Keyword research includes you thinking of the target keywords that users might generally use to search for an application operating in your niche. The app keyword should help you gain organic traffic. 

Tip 6: Design an attractive logo:

Brand visualization is another thing that follows app naming. An application name is always followed by the app logo. Both of these things define a brand’s identity, and therefore, it is equally important as the question, “how to name your mobile application?”.

Designing an app logo is altogether a new task that involves a lot of brainstorming. But both of these things help in creating an ever-lasting memory of the application. Therefore it is vital to align the application name with the application logo. 

Application logos decide how the audience will perceive your application. 

Tip 7: Seek the opinion of the people you trust:

The app naming process may need you to involve your trusted advisors too. It is not a single person’s job to come up with an attractive application name all by himself/herself. Especially when you are not a creative person, you need collaborative efforts. 

Create a team of passionate individuals who would love to help you in the process by giving you an honest review. Shoot them with the app names that you have shortlisted and ask them for their advice. Considering your team’s view would help you in deciding on a unique app name. 

Here comes an end!

In this blog, we have covered every single detail related to the app naming procedure. Think out-of-the-box ideas, take your time and go with your gut while deciding the application name. We hope our tips help you in concluding a catchy, appropriate app name for your future app. Stay in touch for more information. 

Manav Patel

Manav Patel is the founder of Kody Technolab. His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab's success. He nurtures the team with his knowledge and skills.

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