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Laravel and Vue

Laravel and Vue : A Perfect Combination for Developing your Robust Application

Mihir Mistry,

We have witnessed a significant increase in the adoption and use of technologies in several business domains in recent years. Due to this, businesses are constantly searching for more innovative and promising technologies to provide users with increased functionality and usability while allowing their development processes to go along at best possible pace.

You might have noticed a procuring development trend with a combination of two amazing technologies — Laravel and Vue.js. The two together are revolutionizing the development industry- Laravel at the back-end and Vue.js at the front end. 

We will help you to understand more precisely how Laravel and Vue JS can be ideal choices. Let’s start with an introduction to Vue Js and Laravel first.

Understanding Laravel and Vue.JS

Over time, Laravel has attracted a sizable community of developers and product owners. Many top businesses like Pfizer, BBC, and 9GAG use Laravel in their projects. It has all the configurations ready to go, making authentication a pretty simple procedure. It also provides a simpler functionality for organizing permission logic. Moreover, when developers utilize Laravel, they immediately address the most feared risk: SQL injection and Cross-Site scripting.

Laravel is a budget-friendly framework because it distinguishes between presentation code and business logic by dividing model, controller, and view between HTML designers and developers. This streamlines the process of correcting bugs and iteration without using more resources. And its command scheduler helps you to schedule commands inside the framework and utilizes one Cron entry on the server. 

Vue.JS, on the other hand, has a unique set of benefits. Despite its size, it performs on par with bulkier frameworks like Angular and Reacts. As it is built on JavaScript, it provides seamless integration across all JavaScript-using web applications. And since it’s easy to learn, developers can utilize it to develop new web apps and upgrade existing ones. Many popular businesses use Vue.JS, like, Gitlab, Behance, and Laravel.

Vue.JS also shares common principles with Angular and React, making it easier for new programmers to understand. 

Consider Laravel + Vue.JS for Your Next Web Application

Why Should You Consider Laravel + Vue.JS for Your Next Web Application?

To construct a full stack, one must access the most advanced frontend and backend technologies. It gives the programmers everything they require to create both the client-side interface and the server-side functionality. Fortunately, Laravel and Vue.js work well together to create apps that run well.

The following are a few of the crucial elements that show how they both together benefit web applications:

Easy to learn and use: 

From a developer’s perspective, the quantity of requests drops when dealing with fewer options, and many alternatives are abstracted away.

Aside from that, using VueJS is just as easy as using plain JavaScript. No additional or new knowledge is required to use its potent characteristics to create wonders.

The apps we create using HTML templates work pretty well with VueJS as well. And we can also apply CSS styling to each part of the VueJS framework. Understanding and working with VueJS and integrating it with Laravel is very simple if one is familiar with JavaScript’s concept.

Robust Security

Eloquent ORM, a component of Laravel, helps protect against unwanted malware attacks and SQL injections. The program is protected against malicious third-party implementation. Therefore, combining Vue and Laravel can be the best option for full-stack web development.

Database Migration

When it comes to solid backend development, Laravel manages the database migration simply by adding and removing fields while avoiding losing the current information. With the Laravel migration, developers can effectively design new ideas in the database. The combination of Laravel with Vue Js also reduces development time and aids in the creation of reliable apps.

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Reactive Components For an Event-Driven App

A Laravel developer can create a powerful app that is not only event-driven but also accomplishes all tasks that are totally handled on the frontend with the help of Vue.js. And it also offers composable parts that are used as per customers’ requirements.

Because of this, Vue.js and Laravel connect quite nicely. When requesting data from a Laravel application, developers only need to make a few trips. They can also move between different UI components without reloading the page.

For a smooth user experience, you can also initiate UI modifications. 

Efficient Single-Page Application Development

Both Laravel and Vue. JS supports single-page web apps. Users who reside in low-bandwidth locations might like single-page applications since they use less data. Even users who do not face these limitations will value single-page applications’ ease of use and faster download times.

Single-page web apps basically rewrite the components on the same page the user viewed and interacted with rather than loading completely new pages in the browser as the user interacts with one page. And this saves a lot of duplicate development that would bring resource constraints into the development process.

Building Optimal Complex Frontend Pages

A performance lag is inevitable when we create programs that are often updated. It’s because we use JavaScript and libraries like Vanilla JavaScript and JQuery. There is no virtual DOM for them.

 A virtual DOM is a document object model with vast consequences and uses. It is an effective and advantageous programming idea. Here, the actual User Interface representation is stored in memory before being synchronized by the original DOM. This Document Object Model’s virtualization is advantageous.

When we send update requests regularly, the program experiences severe slowness. Utilizing VueJS allows automatically tracking each component’s dependence throughout the rendering stage. It’s a pretty clever approach that VueJS uses. 

Laravel and Vue.JS cta

Why should you use Vue with Laravel for SPA development?

  • An array of built-in solutions are offered by Vue and Laravel, which are very useful when developing the user experience.
  • Both frameworks have good documentation, support from committed, helpful communities, and are easy to learn.
  • As Vue SPAs are small in size, they load quickly and consume little bandwidth.
  • Because of Vue’s component-based architecture, developers can quickly create MVPs and allows the development of entirely scalable single-page web applications.
  • The Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which Laravel supports, is excellent for building user interfaces.
  • Laravel contains a lot of libraries that facilitate the use of objects and an object-oriented syntax.
  • Together, Vue and Laravel function flawlessly.
Top Companies That Use Laravel with Vue Js

Top Companies That Use Laravel with Vue Js

Giants like MasterCard, Deloitte, and Tesco use Laravel as a prominent framework for their projects. When it comes to Vue, many highly brilliant start-ups and major international businesses are willing to use this simple framework. Companies using both Vue and Laravel, according to Stackshare, include:


Nintendo is a Japanese company that creates consoles and video games that are well-known across the world.

The company utilizes Vue.js on several of its official websites, including its regional websites in German and French and on the My Nintendo website, where it assists in managing its user reward system.

Passionate People

Developing a multi-theme, completely dynamic administration UI for different user roles was one of the most challenging internal projects for the Netherland’s IT consultancy company Passionate People in 2021. It was clear that Vue would help make that happen with its smooth learning curve, unified ecosystem, and top-notch documentation. 


Adobe is a huge American software firm specializing in creating tools for various creative professionals, including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, video editors, and others.

The firm uses Vue.js primarily to create Behance. Users can display various types of creative work on this online platform, where they can also be discovered by businesses that frequently search the forum for talent.

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The BridgeU development team chose to use JavaScript elements to add new, complex functionality to an existing monolithic Ruby on Rails application. The edtech start-up picked Vue after some testing since it resembled Ruby in many aspects. Within two years of the implementation, Vue.js became the sole front-end programming language.


FindlayWebTech is a consulting-oriented company that aids businesses in creating online and mobile apps. Owner of the business and Full-Stack Web & Mobile Developer Thomas Findlay decided to use React and Vue when jQuery proved unsuitable for some applications, notably bigger ones.

For FindlayWebTech, Vue swiftly rose to the top of their list of preferred frameworks, replacing all other new projects unless the customer specified a different stack.


The efficiency of your online application is improved with Vue.JS and Laravel from the development phase through the page-loading times. 

They give your team members extensive documentation to get them going and access to a large library of modules to carry out frequent tasks.

 Since they both provide complete front-end development help, your end product is guaranteed to work correctly (as long as you use them in the right combination).

Are you now convinced Vue.js is the best choice for your project? Or are you curious to know more about how businesses use Vue?

 No worries, our experts at Kody will gladly answer your questions and help you decide your next steps. And also, we will help you build your Vue.JS software with a smooth process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Vue good with Laravel?

Vue can help you create a comprehensive, event-driven web application that manages all frontend operations. Given how well it interacts with Laravel, you will only need to make a few trips to get the data that your Laravel application requests, and you can update the UI by swapping out components without reloading the page.

2. Does Laravel use JavaScript?

No particular JavaScript library or framework has to be used when developing Laravel. With the Vue framework’s aid, Laravel makes use of several fundamentals while writing modern JavaScript.

3. Benefits of using VueJs with Laravel

Vue.JS and Laravel offer some benefits that aid in creating an application that runs well. The main advantages are the learning curve, ease of creating complex frontend pages, Reactive modules for event-driven programs, and many other factors.

4. What are Laravel and Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework, whereas Laravel is a well-liked PHP framework. Both are open source and openly available. The learning curve for Laravel is steep, but it’s powerful once you get the hang of it. Due to its popularity with smaller projects and ease of use, Vue.JS is a popular choice. To pick the ideal framework for your project, remember that both have advantages and disadvantages.

Mihir Mistry

Mihir Mistry is a highly experienced CTO at Kody Technolab, with over 16 years of expertise in software architecture and modern technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to help them benefit.

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