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PHP vs. Python

PHP vs Python – Which one to Choose for Web Development?

Mihir Mistry,

Choosing the right web app development platform is essential, but do you know choosing the right programming language is equally crucial? And we know, there’s an ongoing battle between the two widely used programming languages- PHP and Python. 

Since PHP and Python both are reliable, secure, popular, and highly functional, choosing one programming language among these two might confuse you. However, a well-put PHP vs Python comparison will help you pick the best programming language for your project and its unique requirements.

To put it simply, we will go through a detailed PHP vs Python comparison to help you understand these two programming languages and choose one. So, let’s begin with a basic introduction to PHP and Python and further explore their features and comparison. 

What is PHP? 

PHP is a general-purpose programming language embedded in HTML. It is one of the most popular and admired scripting languages used by many web frameworks. When it comes to its usage, it is used to develop dynamic and static websites or web applications. Moreover, PHP is embedded in HTML but can be used in combination with multiple web templates, content management systems, and frameworks. 

Why choose PHP? 

  • PHP is popular for its simplicity
  • PHP scripts run on all the devices
  • It supports object-oriented programming features
  • It is an interpreted language, so there is no need for compilation
  • PHP is a highly efficient programming language
  • PHP is faster than other scripting languages
  • It’s an open-source language and thus can be downloaded freely
  • PHP has function for data-encryption 
  • PHP enables generating errors at runtime 
  • Community of PHP is always active 
  • PHP enables real-time monitoring 

What is Python? 

Python is an object-oriented programming language with dynamic semantics. It has high-level built-in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and binding, which makes it an attractive programming language for rapid application development. Python supports various modules and packages which encourage program modularity and code reuse. Python’s language constructs and object-oriented approach help programmers write clean and secure code for small and large projects alike. 

Why choose Python? 

  • Python is a developer-friendly programming language
  • It is easy to code 
  • Python is open-source and free
  • Python provides support for graphical user interface 
  • It’s a high-level programming language 
  • Python is the most portable programming language
PHP vs. Python- the ultimate comparison. 

PHP vs Python- the ultimate comparison. 

After a brief introduction and features of both PHP and Python, let’s get a little competitive and compare both of these programming languages on common grounds. So, shall we begin with a PHP vs Python comparison? It’s going to be exciting, let’s do it!

Ease of learning 

PHP is made for developing sophisticated web apps and not simple programs. For this reason, it’s not a general-purpose programming language. Thus, it takes a little longer to learn this programming language. 

On the other hand, Python is relatively easier to learn. Python, therefore, is a preferred programming language for beginners. Moreover, Python’s programs are shorter and easy to write as compared to other programming languages. 

Thus, Python is easy to learn, but PHP is suitable for complex and sophisticated web apps. Therefore, it requires a little time to learn and understand. 


Security is a major concern of all programming languages. In terms of security, PHP offers great security features as it has robust community support as well. 

Python is also highly reliable when it comes to security. Many businesses prefer Python for their businesses as they get access to many security tools and pre-built security features. Moreover, many government organizations also rely on Python for strengthened security. 

Both PHP and Python are doing well in terms of security and are very reliable as well. 


When it comes to performance, PHP is setting a great benchmark. The release of PHP 7x improved the speed of PHP applications massively. With PHP 7, Zend engine 3.0 was also released, which made PHP 7 two times faster than its previous versions. 

Python is also a fast and powerful programming language, and its credit goes to its Just-in-time compiler feature. The JIT compiles the files together, and there is no need to recompile them further. This is also one of the best advantages of JIT. 

In terms of performance, PHP deserves to win. Because of Zend engine 3.0, PHP web development performance has massively improved and will keep getting better in the future as well. 


PHP deserves no introduction as it is known widely among the masses. Its popularity attracts many businesses towards it and contributes to its great usage. Moreover, PHP is more prevalent and existent in more systems. 

Python is a newer programming language and, thus, is less popular than other older programming languages. However, Python is gaining popularity steadily and is on the right path to achieve that as well. 

In terms of popularity, PHP is undoubtedly a clear winner. On the contrary, Python might not be very popular right now, but it is growing every minute. 

Speed of market 

PHP comes with its own set of tools, including library support and frameworks. Among all its frameworks, many companies prefer to hire Laravel developers which works on MVC architecture and comes with many useful features for fast web app development. 

Python has third-party libraries and modules for faster web app development. Django is the most popular Python framework that uses the MVC pattern and allows developers to develop applications with great performance and readability quickly. 

Thus, in terms of faster development, both of these programming languages have the same potential and speed in the market. So, it’s a draw! 


PHP provides an Xdebug package for debugging, which addresses bugs and rectifies errors in the code. Debugging is seamless with the XDebug package, and thus error-free web app development is possible with PHP. 

Python also provides a powerful debugger tool called PDB. PDB is well documented, easy to use, and beginner-friendly as well. 

Thus, in debugging, both PHP and Python are similar and highly competent. 

Lastly, let's discuss when to choose PHP and Python. 

Lastly, let’s discuss when to choose PHP and Python. 

Both PHP and Python are popular programming languages, but one programming language doesn’t go well with all types of projects. So, let’s discuss some cases to choose PHP and Python for your next project. 

When to choose a PHP programming language? 

  • When the project requires less investment
  • Suitable for developing blogs, web applications, and websites 
  • Want to develop web apps using Laravel
  • Work effectively on the server-side scripting 
  • For creating a desktop application 

When to choose Python programming language? 

  • Developing websites with the Django framework
  • When the project requires deep data analysis 
  • When working in robotics and data science. 
  • Developing prototype of a gaming app 
  • Working in areas of quantitative and qualitative analysis 

PHP vs. Python comparison- which one wins here? 

So, we have to address the most crucial question now- which programming language wins among these two. After the detailed PHP vs Python comparison above, one thing that’s very evident is that both the programming languages are doing quite well and are excellent for developing successful web apps. 

PHP has been around for a long time. Whereas Python is still making its way to the top programming languages, one step at a time. Python is undoubtedly a great programming language, but PHP’s popularity makes it stand out among the rest. 
Thus, looking at PHP’s many features and successful usage so far, our judgment is slightly biased towards the PHP programming language. If you also have a web app development project in mind, you can hire PHP developers from a reliable PHP web app development company and build your digital business successfully.

Mihir Mistry

Mihir Mistry is a highly experienced CTO at Kody Technolab, with over 16 years of expertise in software architecture and modern technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others to help them benefit.

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