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Top Marketing Strategies For Your Hyperlocal Delivery App
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Top Marketing Strategies For Your Hyperlocal Delivery App Startup

Sanjay Kidecha,

The hyperlocal business ecosystem is sustainable and resilient, especially for the vendors operating in a limited local geographic area. People are up with their microscopes and are swiftly making “near-me” searches. It was quite surprising for me to know that “near me” searches have grown by 150%, says Google. Well, as rightly quoted by Google again, why not make this “near me” searches into “near you” opportunities? This explosive growth in the last 3-4 years is proof that people still prefer products available next door (not literally, I mean near their vicinity). 

Hello, I am Sanjay Kidecha, your host of the Hyperlocal delivery app development series. As you know, my keen interest, this particular year, is to help startups and young entrepreneurs in building their hyperlocal marketplace. For this, I have curated this specific series, and you can find the index of it below. 

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8. Top Marketing Strategies For Your Hyperlocal Delivery App Startup

9. How much does it cost to develop a hyperlocal delivery app?

As you can see, we have almost reached the end of it, and in this blog, I would be explaining how to implement strategies of hyperlocal marketing. 

There is a whirlwind of startups eager to enter the hyperlocal eCommerce business. The primary reason being, people today know what to purchase, when to purchase, how to purchase, and where to purchase. 

When they make a purchase, they already have the product’s image in their mind. Now this image is a reflection of what they have purchased or seen at their nearest store. 

What if you can provide the same product, from the same store located in their area? 

The audience would be flabbergasted with the service and trust your service over the other. This is what exactly the hyperlocal delivery app allows you to do. 

Well, the outreach would not be really possible if you do not know the best hyperlocal marketing chords. Hyperlocal businesses are reborn and yet to strike local customer’s ears. And hence, to drive the audience towards your newly started hyperlocal business, you need to implement the right strategies.

Here are some of the Kody-adopted methods for hyperlocal app marketing.

Optimize product search & discovery:

You just can not get away with your hyperlocal business without improving your product search and discovery. When people make “near-me” product queries on search engines, your hyperlocal app listing should appear as one of the results. 

In order to make your food delivery app development hyperlocal business visible, you need to work upon your application’s listing on various search engine listings, including Google, Yelp, Bing, Google Maps, and all go-to search engine preferences of your users.  

Let me list down some important statistics to highlight the importance of this hyperlocal marketing tip. 

  • Around 45% of mobile searches are made to find a product or service;
  • Further, 51% of these mobile searchers may initiate the purchase;
  • Also, 57% of these searchers have chances of visiting the store. 

Generate Local Reviews:

A good product or an application is likely to receive a 4-star rating or a 5-star rating from the customers. And trust me, it really matters. Reviews from the local users not only help in setting up trust but also helps in search engine rankings. 

The more is the number of positive reviews; the higher is the number of application’s downloaded. By receiving a positive review, you can stay ahead of the competition, increase brand authority, and influence the audience’s purchasing decisions. 

Do you remember the marketing rule of 7? This is exactly where the reviews play a role. A normal human being interacts a minimum of 7 times with the app or service before making the purchase. And reviews are one of the interacting points. Almost 88% of customers prefer to view app-recommended reviews before downloading it from the play store. 

Capturing reviews is one of the imperative marketing strategies for a hyperlocal delivery business that can make a difference. You can create a specially designed page where you show all the testimonials and reviews received creatively. 

Create localized content:

You are creating a hyperlocal app for the local audience, so why not articulate the content with a local touch? Suppose you develop app content that has localized relevance and helps people to connect with you. In that case, you have higher chances of success. 

When you “go local” with your application’s content, the audience will look up to your app for finding out new deals, nearest store, online events, etcetera. You can also use some local lingo predominantly used by the local audience to attract the users. You can highlight a product that is much in demand and thereby incline customers to make the purchase. 

In and all, when I say go for localized content optimization, I encourage you to develop content that is readable, consumable, and engageable with your target audience. Include alluring aka profit-making call to action so that the audience rapidly makes a purchase using the application. 

Apply Geo-Targeting:

Customers need products, and they want them instantly! But, what they don’t know is where to buy it from? A good way to attract them to your application is by letting them know that you exist. You can make use of Facebook and Google Adwords to make an accurate geo-targeting. 

Geo-targeting allows you to target customers located near you, individual shoppers, target based on the nearest event and also your competitor’s location. You can categorize your geo-targeting on the basis of language, gender, age, location, and more.

Geo-targeting is the key when it comes to on-demand delivery app development. Geo-targeting benefits are the main reason why you need to implement hyperlocal marketing. You can also collaborate with the local brand to instigate users to start using your application. The reason being, if they trust the brand, they will trust your hyperlocal app. 

This marketing strategy is highly effective for grocery delivery app development & medicine delivery app development. 


Implement social media marketing:

The influence of social media advertising goes a long way than you would have imagined. You can receive instant gratification by promoting the application over social media platforms. 

Facebook’s AI-enabled bot can be your silver bullet for targeting users on the basis of their location, interests, and demands. The intelligent bot helps you carve out relevant content based on your offerings over the hyperlocal business. 

You can utilize the power of every social media platform in their unique way of doing marketing. 

Grab the best of in-app analytics:

You need to keep a hawk-eye on how your target user is behaving. You need to catch every hint given by the audience and collect all bits and pieces of information available about their browsing behavior. 

You should monitor what they do, what products they search for, what time they come for product browning, and which pages they frequently visit. 

All this detailed information will help you in customizing your hyperlocal application for your audience. 

Work upon perfecting the push notifications:

I have this thought rock-solid in mind, that content is the King. Be it any application of any size and type; you need to make a connection with the audience to win their hearts. 

Push notifications are the first point of interaction, and hence you have to pay utmost attention while crafting the content of push notifications. You need to optimize the push notifications content so that it leaves an impact when it reaches the end-user. 

Additionally, the timing and frequency of the push notifications also influence the app sales. Random notifications during office hours usually leave no impression on the user.

Define your user segmentation & go for smart retargeting:

A convenient yet important way of hyperlocal marketing is user segmentation. You have the user data collected that you can access in your in-app analytics. Use this data to target a specific range of customers. 

Analyze which particular product is your target audience looking for and release and offer accordingly. This way, you can make your audience feel special about their purchase and instigate them to make frequent purchases. 

You can run marketing campaigns and go for smart retargeting if you know your audience’s choices.

Bottom Line:

Hyperlocal marketing strategies should be implemented in a way that resonates with the audience. It should make them feel that the business is there for them and because of them. A hyperlocal business startup is all about how well you know your locals (vendors and the audience). If you stick with the above thought, I promise you to have better chances of the application’s success. 

If you are interested in creating a creative hyperlocal marketing campaign, you can connect with my team or me. I hope this article serves you well, and you come back to the website for reading the last blog of the series, which is on the cost of hyperlocal delivery app development. Thank you. See you guys soon!

Sanjay Kidecha

Sanjay Kidecha is the Chief Finance Officer at Kody Technolab and a Fintech geek. With one foot in finance and the other in tech, Sanjay likes to write on emerging Fintech trends, ideas, and how-to guides to keep industry leaders updated with the ever-changing world of fintech!

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