Do you ever wake up in the morning and find out you are running out of milk? Most of us have faced this situation and felt angry for not buying milk a day before. We know it’s frustrating, but we are all humans, after all. But what if you can order online and have milk delivered to your doorstep through a mobile app? Well, these days mobile apps that solve everyday hassles are very much in demand, and dairy products providers are not far behind. 

Milk delivery app solutions are revolutionizing the dairy industry. The digitization of the dairy business has opened new opportunities for suppliers globally. At the same time, a milk delivery app saves time and effort, letting people schedule their milk delivery at their convenience. Therefore, we can say that milk delivery app development benefits both- the dairy owners and customers. 

You may think if milk delivery app development is potential enough to transform dairy businesses, so, YES, it is! Milk delivery apps gain popularity fast because they promise to supply fresh milk in the desired quantity at the desired time.  With such great features, who wouldn’t want to transform their dairy business digitally? If you are still confused about its potential and success, you can consider taking inspiration from milk delivery apps like DairyDrop, a prime example of dairy business digitization. 

DairyDrop is a popular name in the milk delivery industry and an inspiration for other dairy businesses. If you are looking forward to digitizing your dairy business, understand the business model of DairyDrop to embrace yourself for creating a similar app of your own. 

what is dairy drop?

What is DairyDrop? What is its potential? 

DairyDrop is a milk delivery solution operating in the U.K. DairyDrop works with a network of local dairy businesses across the UK and offers a unique experience to the users by delivering fresh milk at their houses daily. Besides, it offers a digital solution tailored to the customers’ daily milk needs. Moreover, DairyDrop works closely with the regional milkmen and dairy businesses to cut the middlemen and sell the products directly to the customers. 

After connecting with DairyDrop, the local dairy owners have witnessed a surge in demand for milk in the last few years. More and more people are ordering fresh milk through the app and enjoying convenient milk delivery without any hassle. With this fact, we can understand how the DairyDrop app helps the dairy farming businesses of the UK and escalates their growth. 

milk delivery software transform

Which features are a must to make a milk delivery app solution like DairyDrop? 

Taking inspiration from its success, many dairy farming businesses develop a milk delivery app like DairyDrop to digitize their business and reach more people. It’s almost impossible to make an app like DairyDrop without integrating unique features into the app. A milk Delivery app solution has to have its unique set of features to establish itself in the industry. 

Let’s see which features complete a milk delivery app. 

Simple purchasing process 

Online milk delivery apps are in high demand because of their simplicity and ease of use. In most of these apps, the users can order milk at any time and even pre-order and get the delivery later. Overall, ordering, choosing the quantity, and paying become convenient and seamless. 

Real-time tracking 

The real-time tracking feature lets the customer know the location of their order in real-time. The users can track the location of the delivery agent and even call them in case the delivery agent is unable to trace the location. 


Pre-order and scheduled delivery make the app more convenient than ever. The users can order the milk in advance and set the delivery time on the app. The delivery agent delivers the milk at the scheduled time without fail. 

Repeat orders 

Users can repeat the previous orders if they don’t want to make any changes to their orders. Repeating the past purchases is very convenient for the users as it saves their time and effort of placing a new order every day. 

Multiple delivery addresses 

Using this feature, the users can add multiple addresses for milk delivery. The users can choose a primary location from the multiple addresses for the delivery. This feature makes it flexible for the users to get the delivery at different locations from a single app. 

Free delivery on a certain amount 

Many milk delivery apps provide free delivery after a certain amount in the cart. This feature benefits both the customers and business owners as customers will not have to pay any extra fee if they order in more quantity, and the dairy owner will get orders in bulk simultaneously. 

Easy and flexible payments 

Payments in an app shouldn’t confuse the buyers, and therefore, easy and flexible payments are a must. There should be multiple payment methods to make it flexible for the buyers to choose a payment method of their choice. Flexible payments reduce bounce rates and increase sales. 

dairydrop CTA

How to develop a milk delivery app like DairyDrop?

If you have decided to make an app like DairyDrop, we will take you through the milk delivery mobile app development process step-by-step. Let’s begin! 

Step 1- Setting the goal 

The first step is to think about what you want to establish with this app and how you would like to do that. This is the step where you grab a pen and paper and write down some important questions like- 

  • What does this app aim to achieve?
  • Who is the targeted audience of the app?
  • How are you going to convince the users to use this app?
  • How would you market this app?

Step 2- Wireframing 

Wireframing is an important part of the development process, and therefore, one shouldn’t neglect the importance of wireframes in product development. Wireframing provides an approach to developing the application with the best possible strategies. It basically creates a solid path for app user experience. 

Therefore, wireframing is a critical move to ensure a smooth app layout. 

Step 3- Choosing the platform 

You need a platform to build a milk delivery app solution. Choosing the right platform will take your business a long way successfully. 

Android and iOS are widely used platforms globally. And, you can go for either one of the two or even a hybrid platform as per your requirements and budget. Another way to find which one to choose is by researching your market and discovering the platform with the majority of your audience.

Step 4- Hiring the best on-demand app development company 

For successful app development, hire mobile app developers from a company that knows on-demand mobile app development inside out. Take your time, do thorough research, read the company’s reviews, dig in their past projects and portfolio and decide calmly. 

Ensure that the company has the required skills and experience while hiring an on-demand app development company for dairy app development. Furthermore, have a word with their on-demand developers and make sure they have experience with DairyDrop-like app development. 

Step 5- Testing and deploying 

After the mobile app developers finish their job and develop the app, it goes for testing to make sure it’s free of all the errors and flaws. You shouldn’t ignore the role of quality assurance in product development. The Q&A team does its best and fixes all the app’s errors before deploying it. 

Once the testing and quality assurance is done, the app is deployed and handed over to the client.


cost to develop an app like DairyDrop

What is the estimated cost to develop an app like DairyDrop? 

We will complete this detailed blog by addressing the main query of the business owners, and that is the cost of development. However, answering this question isn’t as simple as it appears. The total cost of a milk delivery app development depends on many factors, and these factors again differ from one business to another. Let’s address these factors first. 

What factors affect the variation in the cost of app development? 

  • Number of unique features
  • Hourly rates of the developers
  • Integration of third-party plugins
  • Choice of platform
  • Location of the app developers
  • UI/UX design
  • Technology stack 

Although these factors affect the variation in cost, hiring mobile app developers from India will cost less than in other countries. For example, skilled developers from Asia may charge somewhere between $10,000 to $30,000 to develop a milk delivery app like DairyDrop. However, further variations in the cost are possible. Connect us to get a quote for your on-demand milk delivery mobile app.


The dairy business digitization seems to have great potential in 2022, and if you have a similar idea of developing a milk delivery app, don’t hold back and discuss it with our team. You can share your project idea with us, and we will come up with innovative solutions to turn your idea into a reality. 

We hope this blog cleared some of your doubts regarding the dairy business digitization and app development. However, if you still have something left to ask, we are here to hear you out.

Want to ask us something? We are all ears!