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Worried About Your Visionary App Idea That is Ahead of Its Time? Read What Should You Do Next

Manav Patel,

Imagine a situation where you have envisioned a business idea. Firstly, kudos to you for having the foresight of making an app idea that once seemed impossible. You keep on asking yourself, is this the right time to start the business? Will this business idea work? You will revisit the shortlisted business app ideas list to confirm and reconfirm if you have made the right choice. Well, this dilemma becomes more concerning when you realize that the business idea you have proposed is ahead of time. The revolutionary app idea may lack the required technology to develop, sufficient funds, the audience connects, or even a team who can execute it. So what should you do, drop the idea or stick with it? This is the exact concern we thought to highlight in this blog. This write-up discusses the steps that you should follow when your startup idea is ahead of its time, and you are confident that you do not want to drop it (well, you definitely shouldn’t).

In our view, it takes a lot of courage to come up with a remunerative business idea. You set all your dreams around the startup idea and expect its exponential growth, but the real trouble starts when you find yourself in a setback situation.  The setback situation that we are referring to here is, your business idea is years ahead of its time. To conclude, you have a visionary app idea. What would you do next? Will you start questioning the innovation?

You probably know that the culture of innovation is widespread. And people with a creative mindset will embrace innovation with open arms. Hence, you should not fear failing with the idea, but persuade it by following the below steps. Ready to follow the idea that will bring a paradigm shift, but for the future. So here we go. 

The first thing you need to do is,

User analysis

User analysis:

Congratulations, you have bonus time to study your customers thoroughly before launching the final product. The analysis and the insights will help you in developing a user-desired product.

You can research well about the user’s behavior, their journey, expectations from the product you are planning to build. You can track their interactions with a similar app idea and their approach towards the change. Thus you get a market scaling opportunity and meet your customers with a polished application.

However, in this journey, you will need a veteran mobile app development company as your partner who would be your helping guide.

Time to get better than the competition:

Remember, you have enough time to strategically study the competition. Utilize this time to know your niche market. Does it have enough opportunities for your mobile app idea to flourish? Do you think there is enough competition for you in the future? If yes, what do they plan to provide? 

Is it possible for you to study their roadmap? You need to outthink your competition and define your unique selling proposition. You should start preparing for a lean canvas model or a business plan that will help you set up your base. Your visionary app idea is now one step close to the final expected outcome. 

Plan an MVP

Plan an MVP:

You are almost ready to take the risk, isn’t it? So why not test the app idea? You can plan to validate your app idea by building an MVP. An MVP of our startup idea will have features that can further be classified into “need-to-have,” “must-have,” and “good-to-have” features. Building an MVP is the best way to look at the mobile app development approach. You can capture many important insights that can help you turn your idea into a startup. 

Validate your users:

It is vital to set up a loyal customer base who would trust your product no matter what. However, convincing people to trust your product over others is a task, especially when you are a newly launched product. Hence, utilize the time to figure out who your real users are and how they feel about the whole new innovative concept. 

Business pivoting

Business pivoting:

Have you read about startup pivoting yet? If not, do read the blog to grab a complete understanding of the concept. 

Business pivoting often referred to as startup pivoting, is the process where entrepreneurs or app founders launch a new feature or product or introduce amendments to an existing one in order to flow with the trend. The transition from one business concept to another is necessary for survival unless you have established a rock-solid app idea. 

Startup pivoting opens up floodgates of opportunities, which otherwise would have been unnoticed.

Want to know how many startups considered business pivoting a thing?


Twitter was launched as an Odeo app, an application for podcast browsing. But soon as the market interest switched towards iTunes, the company decided to come up with a micro-blogging platform. And the rest is the history. 


Instagram, in its early days, was launched as Burbn. Burbn was based on the idea of game and photo posting options. However, the idea didn’t perform well, and the company switched to photo-sharing activity, which we see as Instagram today.

Parting Words:

The best piece of advice I can give is: just get started.- Melanie Perkins

Now that you have realized that you have a long way to go before you achieve, why wait? As mentioned by a few of the famous startup founders, just-in-time learning will help you to be ahead of time and you can keep growing as you discover. You never know that an idea that is almost 10 years early could help you earn profits 5 years early too. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. For any assistance regarding app development or market research, please connect with our experts. We also provide hire mobile app developers services, where you can hire from our in-house team to work collaboratively. 

Manav Patel

Manav Patel is the founder of Kody Technolab. His visionary ideas and passion for technology have backed Kody Technolab's success. He nurtures the team with his knowledge and skills.

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