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How Much Does Healthcare App Development Cost In the USA? Invest Wisely!

Sanjay Kidecha,

What is a more important question than “How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?” It is, “Can you afford to not invest in one?” 

Why? Well, according to an Insider Intelligence survey

Nearly two-thirds (63.4%) of US adults have used an app for a health-related purpose in the last 12 months.

The healthcare app development cost is more like an investment that can yield significant revenue as well as make you a part of a billion $ growing healthcare app market! 

Take the example of the success of apps like MyChart or Zocdoc, which have transformed patient engagement and streamlined care delivery. These are more than just apps; they’re lifelines connecting patients and providers, making healthcare services quickly accessible even remotely by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. 

Also, the cost to develop a healthcare app isn’t only about coding. It is about crafting a digital healthcare solution that resonates with the unique demands of the American healthcare system. 

So, dive deeper into the healthcare app development cost in the USA in this blog. Let’s explore why developing an app in healthcare is vital and what affects the development cost.

What makes healthcare app development so important in the USA?

For healthcare professionals and companies in the U.S., investing in healthcare app development is imperative to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem. According to the Business of Apps report,  

The health sector’s revenue is projected to soar from $8.21 billion in the recent past to an impressive $35.7 billion by 2030.

The popularity of health apps is evident in their user numbers as well. For instance, MyFitnessPal had a staggering 200 million users. The total number of health app users reached 560 million in 2022, according to the same report. 

Well, that’s a 22.5% increase from the previous year. The substantial user base indicates the widespread acceptance and reliance on health apps for various health-related needs​. However, there are more reasons why American healthcare associations should invest in digital transformation in healthcare. Such as 

Regulatory Support: The U.S. government and regulatory bodies like the FDA increasingly support digital health technologies, including apps. This regulatory backing is crucial for ensuring these apps’ patient safety and efficacy.

Healthcare Cost Reduction: Healthcare apps have the potential to reduce healthcare costs significantly in the U.S. Health apps improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary hospital visits, and enable early disease detection and intervention. For example, using NLP in healthcare apps can result in personalized treatment plans, effective clinical decisions, and more. 

Data-Driven Healthcare: Healthcare apps are key to the transition towards data-driven healthcare in the U.S. Combining these apps with Predictive Analytics in healthcare unlocks unprecedented insights into patient health patterns, treatment efficacy, and healthcare resource optimization.

Can you wrap your head around why technology and healthcare giants invest in app development? Let’s get down to the business now. 

Factors that Affect the Healthcare App Development Cost in the USA

20,000 to 200,000+ USD – that’s the broad spectrum of potential costs for healthcare app development in the USA. Several critical factors influence this variance, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the budget, including who you go to for Healthcare IT consulting. So, let’s navigate through these determinants.

healthcare app development cost in usa

Type of the healthcare app

Healthcare apps vary significantly in function and complexity, which directly impacts development costs. Below are common types of healthcare apps, along with estimated development costs and hours.

Type of AppFunctionEstimated CostDevelopment HoursReason for Cost
Wellness Tracking AppsTrack health activities, diet, exercise$20,000 – $40,000400-800 hoursStraightforward features and functionality
Telemedicine AppsVirtual consultations, appointment scheduling$50,000 – $100,0001000-2000 hoursComplex features like video calling, data exchange
Remote Patient Monitoring AppsMonitor patient health remotely$70,000 – $120,0001400-2400 hoursIntegration with medical devices, real-time data
Medication Reminder AppsRemind patients about medications, track dosages$15,000 – $30,000300-600 hoursSimple functionality with basic reminders
EHR/EMR Integration AppsIntegrate with EHR/EMR systems$50,000 – $150,0001000-3000 hoursComplex system integration, extensive data management

Complexity and Feature Requirements as per the US market

Just as the size of the house, the quality of materials, and additional features like a pool or high-end kitchen appliances add to the overall cost, similarly in app development:

More Features Equals Higher Cost: Each feature (like appointment booking, chatbot, or medication tracking) is like an added room or amenity in a house. More features mean more work, time, and expertise required, leading to higher costs.

Complex Features Add More Expense: Advanced features such as AI, machine learning, or complex data encryption are like luxury additions to a house. They require specialized skills and more development time, significantly increasing the cost.

Mobile Platforms Choice 

The choice of mobile platform(s) significantly impacts the healthcare app development cost. Essentially, it’s about deciding whether to build the app for iOS, Android, or both (cross-platform).

Developing for just one platform (iOS or Android) can be more cost-effective initially. However, it limits the app’s reach to users on that specific platform. For instance, an iOS-only app won’t be accessible to Android users, which can be a significant drawback in the diverse U.S. market.

Whereas, developing an app that works on both iOS and Android can be more expensive upfront but offers broader market access. In that case, Flutter appears as the ultimate solution. Flutter enables building Android and iOS apps from a single codebase, reducing cost, effort, and time. 

Team Size and Expertise 

The team’s size and expertise are like the crew and craftsmen you hire to build a house: their number and skill level directly impact the quality and cost of the final product. For healthcare industry leaders, the decision to invest in a skilled team is crucial. 

While initially might seem costlier, hiring experts like Flutter developers can streamline the development process and reduce long-term maintenance costs. This will result in a more robust, versatile app, ultimately providing better value for your investment.

User Interface and Experience Design

User Interface (UI) and Experience Design (UX) are like the interior design of a house, crucial for making it appealing and functional. For healthcare apps, effective UI/UX design ensures the app is not only visually attractive but also easy to navigate and use. Especially in healthcare, where users range from tech-savvy individuals to those less comfortable with digital technology. 

Investing in quality UI/UX design can add approximately 15-30% to the overall development cost of a healthcare app. Investing in good UI/UX design may increase development costs, but it’s essential for user satisfaction and app success. A well-designed app can significantly enhance user engagement, directly impacting the app’s effectiveness and adoption in the healthcare industry.

cost estimation for healthcare app

Location of Developers

The location of app developers is a key factor in the healthcare app development cost due to varying labor costs across different regions. For example, hiring developers in the USA might cost $100-$150 per hour, while Indian developers charge $20-$40. Differences in living costs and local economic conditions are the primary reasons for this cost variation.

And so, many U.S. healthcare companies reduce costs by hiring developers from India, where the rates are lower. However, you must balance cost savings with considerations like time zone differences, communication barriers, and familiarity with U.S. healthcare regulations. 

Quality Analysis and Ongoing Maintenance 

Quality Analysis during development ensures your health app is free from critical bugs and functions as intended, preventing costly fixes post-launch. Ongoing maintenance, on the other hand, involves continuous monitoring and updating of the app to keep it relevant and efficient.

The costs for these services can add approximately 15-20% to the overall development cost annually. For example, if your healthcare app costs $100,000 to develop, expect to spend about $15,000 to $20,000 yearly on maintenance and quality assurance. Investing in quality analysis and maintenance is necessary to maintain a high-quality, secure, and up-to-date app. Or else competitor apps will quickly surpass your health app. 

After understanding the factors affecting the healthcare app development cost, let’s look into how the development approach affects your budget.

Which is the cost-optimized option for Healthcare App Development, Fixed-Price or Time and Materials? 

Suppose you have a health app idea or want to adopt healthcare technology trends but don’t have a development team. In that case, instead of spending half of your budget setting up the development unit, you can leverage the existing one. 

You can partner with a healthcare app development company and employ their developers on your project. However, such companies offer different engagement models. Here are the two most common engagement models and when you should consider which.

healthcare app development engagement model

Fixed-Price Model

In this model, the project’s total cost is agreed upon before development begins.

Ideal when:

  • The project scope is well-defined and stable.
  • Risk tolerance is low, and budget predictability is a priority.
  • For straightforward projects like an elder healthcare app solution, where requirements are precise from the start.

Example: Developing a doctor appointment booking app with predetermined features, such as appointment scheduling and medication tracking.

Time & Materials Model

In contrast to a fixed price, costs are based on the actual time and resources used during development in this model.

Ideal When:

  • The project is complex and may evolve during development, like an AI skincare app.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements are necessary.
  • Ideal for innovative projects where emerging trends and user feedback might influence ongoing development.

Example: Building an Electronic Healthcare Record system where initial concepts grow significantly as the project progresses.

Can you estimate your healthcare app development cost now?

Navigating healthcare app development costs is a strategic endeavor. If you get a hold of the factors we discussed in the guide, planning the budget will become easier for you.

At Kody Technolab Limited, we understand the nuances of these factors. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke healthcare app solutions that align with our client’s vision and budget.

Our experienced team ensures a seamless blend of innovation, compliance, and cost-effectiveness. If you’re looking to bring your healthcare app vision to life with strategic insight and technical expertise, let’s collaborate. 

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