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How Can You Optimize IT Outsourcing Costs Without Compromising Quality?

Manav Patel,

Information Technology plays a crucial role in driving growth and efficiency. Yet, building and maintaining an internal IT team can be a significant cost burden, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is where IT outsourcing emerges as a strategic solution, offering access to expert resources and scalable solutions while optimizing budgets.

92% of global 2000 companies have proven IT outsourcing is an ideal solution for all business sizes, irrespective of industry. 

As the demand for custom software development rises, finding experienced developers under budget becomes difficult for businesses. However, outsourcing services like software development and hiring resources per your requirements ease such problems. How? 

To understand how IT outsourcing services make software development and other IT solutions cost-effective, you must understand the IT outsourcing pricing structure!

So, let us answer the fundamental question that every other business on the verge of outsourcing their IT needs should ask: How much does IT outsourcing cost?

But first, what does IT Outsourcing mean, and why do top companies choose to outsource?

When you need goods or services unavailable in your business, you acquire them from outside resources or third-party service providers. So, IT outsourcing is the same thing. But here, you aim to obtain reliable Information Technology services, including custom software development, mobile app development, staff augmentation, etc.

But why would you outsource IT services instead of building your in-house IT team? 

While building an in-house IT team offers certain advantages like control and close collaboration, outsourcing IT services can provide numerous compelling benefits that make it a highly attractive option for many businesses. Here are some key reasons why companies worldwide prefer outsourcing: 

  • Outsourcing developers are super cost-effective compared to salaries, training, equipment, and other infrastructure costs to maintain in-house development teams. 
  • Besides high rates, finding local industry expert developers is challenging. But you can outsource top talent across borders, accessing a global pool of skilled professionals for your projects. 
  • Learned from their expertise and experience, outsourced developers follow refined processes and advanced tools to help them leverage their resources and speed up your project. 
  • Outsourcing IT services allows you to scale up or down your development team size quickly, depending on your requirements. 
  • If you’re new to the IT realm, a reliable outsourcing IT agency can also help you navigate the security and compliance terrain, reducing the risks of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

Hiring In-house vs. Outsourcing Developers: Cost Comparison 

FactorHiring In-houseOutsourcing Developers
Initial CostsHigh (recruitment, onboarding, equipment)Lower (no recruitment/onboarding costs)
SalariesFixed salaries + benefitsPay per project/use-case
ExpertiseLimited to in-house talentAccess to a global talent pool
FlexibilityLess (due to fixed staff)High (scale up/down as needed)
Operational CostsHigher (office space, utilities)Lower (no additional office costs)
TrainingOngoing investmentSkill-specific, included in service
Equipment/ SoftwareCompany-providedProvided by the outsourcing partner
Risk ManagementCompany’s responsibilityShared with or managed by the partner
Innovationcan be limited by the team’s bandwidthEnhanced by diverse expertise
Time to MarketCan be slower due to capacity limitsOften faster due to dedicated resources

You may ask if there is any hidden cost to pay for reaping all these benefits of outsourcing IT services. So, let’s explore what the cost of outsourcing IT services comprises. 

What does IT outsourcing cost involve?

By understanding the structure of the cost of outsourcing IT services, you can validate whether you’re getting the value of your investment without falling into hidden fees. So, let us break down the aspects included in the IT outsourcing service and how they impact the overall cost. 

it outsourcing pricing

Project Management

Ensuring the smooth execution of your requirements and avoiding miscommunications and delays requires project management skills and tools. For example, a project without a dedicated manager might miss critical deadlines, leading to a domino effect of increased costs and missed market opportunities. The cost to acquire project management resources can vary, ranging from 10% to 15% of the total cost. 

Business Analysis 

Launching a software solution that doesn’t integrate with your existing systems is more expensive than actually building it. Hence, you need an analyst to save you from the costly detour of reworking or scaling up prematurely. Onboarding experienced business analysts to help you create proper software specification documents, you might need to spend 5% to 10% of the project cost.


Skimping on design might save you upfront. However, it can lead to higher costs in user training, support, and even redesigns if the user experience falls short. Therefore, you must invest in hiring detail-oriented designers to craft UI/UX that reduces training time and increases productivity, offering long-term savings. 

While outsourcing IT services, the design cost heavily depends on the complexity and uniqueness of your project. 


A significant part of the outsourcing IT service cost is consumed at the coding stage. The development time and required resources will vary depending on your project size, complexity, and the technology stack you choose. And so will be the cost.

Oftentimes, businesses overlook their providers adhere to high coding standards and choose the lowest bid to save money. Consequently, they face difficulties in maintaining or scaling their software and end up spending more. Therefore, investing in quality development that allows you to seamlessly scale is crucial for long-term success.

Infrastructure & Security Compliances

A considerable portion of IT outsourcing costs go to Infrastructure and Security Compliances. Whereas infrastructure includes hardware, software, and cloud hosting services, security compliance covers audits and monitoring for data protection. 

The cost of ensuring your IT infrastructure is robust and compliant with industry standards can prevent the far greater expenses associated with data breaches or downtime. 

Training Your Staff 

Training your staff in outsourcing IT services is vital for seamless integration and optimal utilization of your outsourced solutions. For instance, implementing a CRM system without training can lead to missed sales opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction.

Proper training equips your internal team with essential skills to maximize benefits, avoiding errors and impacting productivity. However, your IT outsourcing partner may charge hourly or about 5% of the total cost to train your staff.

Though it’s cost-effective to outsource IT services vs. in-house teams, multiple factors affect your ultimate outsourcing budget. Let’s explore these factors!

it outsourcing price cta

Factors that influence IT outsourcing pricing

Outsourced IT services significantly affect the company’s bottom line, and different cost elements are key to effective decision-making. It, therefore, means that several key elements come into play to determine how much it may cost to outsource, and it varies from the pricing model charged by the outsourcing providers to the location and expertise of the service provider. 

Exploring these variables offers insight into saving costs while ensuring quality and effectiveness in an organization’s outsourced IT projects.

Engagement Models

Engagement models are a great determinant of IT outsourcing costs and lead to the selection of factors like project complexity, scope clarity, and budget constraints. Every model has its own good and bad aspects, so selecting the right one is very important to manage outsourcing costs effectively.

engagement model for it outsourcing

Fixed-Price Model: This model identifies a fixed scope of work. It provides cost certainty but may not facilitate changes easily, potentially resulting in chargeable scope creep.

Time and Materials (T&M): The payment model of T&M charges by real-time and resources spent. This is flexible to changing requirements, but if the project scope increases a lot, it can bring unpredictable costs.

Dedicated Team: In this model, there is a dedicated allocation for the team to the client, in most cases, fixed based on a monthly fee. Furthermore, it provides great flexibility and control over resources compared to other models.

Project scope

Project scope refers to the size and complexity of your outsourcing task or project. It includes everything from the specific features and functions you want to the overall goals and objectives. The scope of your project determines how much work needs to be done, how many resources are required, and how long it will take to complete. 

For example, if you’re outsourcing the development of a mobile app, a simple app with just a few basic features will be quicker and cheaper to build compared to a complex app with advanced functionalities, support for multiple platforms, and intricate design elements.

Project Complexity

Project complexity refers to how complex and detailed the task or project is. It’s about more than how many things you want to do but how complicated they are. In IT outsourcing, the complexity of your project affects how much work is involved and how skilled the people doing the work need to be. 

For instance, outsourcing the development of a website that needs advanced security features like encrypting sensitive data requires specialized knowledge and extra time to ensure everything works smoothly and securely.

So, the more complex your project is, the more time and expertise it will take, which usually means it will cost more.

Hourly rates

Outsourcing rates are greatly determined by the cost of living in a region, the demand for skills, and what level of expertise professionals have. Outsourcing to countries with relatively low living costs may carry financial implications. 

For example, rates can swing from as low as $20 an hour in regions like South Asia to $100 or more in North America, depending on the complexity and expertise required. However, it should be weighed against cost-cutting measures together with quality and reliability.

Professional experts 

The level of expertise that would be mainly required impacts the cost. From those rates, prices may go higher for experts in high technologies or emerging technologies for niche areas. However, their in-depth knowledge can facilitate development, which lowers overall project time and cost.

Technology Stack

The choice of technologies (languages, frameworks, databases) is important as it affects the initial development cost as well as maintenance. For example, a fintech startup outsources the development of an AI Trading app based on the blockchain. It is quite complex, requiring high-security expertise and, in turn, a specific technology stack. In this case, developing the AI and blockchain-based project will surely be more costly than a standard web application.

In such cases, you can hire Flutter developers and build apps for multiple platforms from a single codebase. This way, not only development but you save on maintenance as you have to maintain only one codebase. 

Where can you find cost-effective Outsourcing rates for IT services?

If you seek economic IT outsourcing services, India is at the top of your search list. India, with the world’s largest customer base for outsourcing, boasts 62% of the IT outsourcing earnings of the United States, and the United Kingdom stands at 17%.

But the question is: Why this vehement interest in outsourcing to India? 

Outsourcing rates: Indian companies offer highly competitive prices for IT services compared with those of Western countries, running in the range of $25 and upwards per hour, starting from the lowest. This is very far from what it would cost you in Europe or the United States for the same.

Qualified team: India has a huge pool of English-speaking professionals with mastery and expertise in software development, data analytics, and cloud computing. That means organizations can draw upon a myriad of skills and expertise at no cost to them in expensive recruitment drives or training programs.

Operational cost: According to a NASSCOM study, the overall operational costs of companies that outsourced their IT services to India were reduced by 60%. 

Modern Infrastructure: Above all, companies availing themselves of outsourcing to India can leverage their facilities and technology infrastructure. Most Indian cities have world-class IT parks and special economic zones in their places, for instance, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad, wherein they have facilities from hardware to software and other services required.

Beware of these scenarios that can exceed your IT Outsourcing budget!

IT outsourcing has almost developed a double-edged reputation: promises of cost savings and abundant efficiency gains. Still, it’s also rife with inherent risks that bring budget overruns and quite a few headaches. Let’s explore some common IT outsourcing problems that can expose businesses to.

it outsourcing Rates

Choosing the Wrong IT Outsourcing Partner: Working with an ill-suited outsourcing provider will just imperil your project. As a mismatch in expertise, cultural differences, or conflict in work style, choosing the wrong partner can delay the project, increase cost, and improve quality.

Miscommunication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in any outsourcing relationship. However, where there is a breakdown in the communication channel, language barrier, or clear understanding of the project requirement, then automatically misunderstandings crop up, deadlines are breached, and additional expenses accrue for rectifying errors.

Poor Quality Work Results in Rework: Quality issues might crop up when the outsourcing partner does not meet the expectations or delivers work of poor quality. Often, due to poor testing, oversight, or perhaps diverse opinions on what was required in the project, the rework might require great project rework efforts, time, and hence cost.

Lack of Expertise and Skills: Failure to deliver important tasks to the right person or team that lacks the expertise and skills may not just erode project success but lay the ground for a host of other problems. Technical competence, knowledge within the industry, or problem-solving are important tasks within the project, and critical deficiencies can provide conditions for inefficiency, inaccuracy, and overruns.

Looking for an IT outsourcing company worth your investment?

In the dynamic landscape of IT outsourcing, finding the right partner can make all the difference. At Kody Technolab, we understand the significance of cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and reliability. As a global IT outsourcing service provider, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our track record speaks for itself, with a proven history of successful collaborations across various industries. From software development to digital transformation, our team of experts is committed to driving your business forward.

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