Ever since Apple Store and Play Store were introduced, the way people work, travel, meet, do business, and more keep changing at a fast pace. The phenomena have made mobile app development insufficient for brands targeting broader audiences. That’s why cross-platform app development has existed.

Cross-platform SDKs allow you to write once and deploy to multiple platforms with relatively little duplication of effort. The same application code will run on iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms with relatively minor modifications. This saves time and money and makes it easier to provide a high-quality service to customers. 

Google’s Flutter has grown by leaps and bounds among all cross-platform app development technologies. Flutter is used eminently because of its true cross-platform nature coated with a native look. Moreover, you can produce apps for up to six operating systems by using Flutter for app development.

We will explore more about why you should use Flutter for app development. But first, let’s check out what companies have hopped on the Flutter cross-platform app development trend.

top apps built with flutter

Top Apps Built with Flutter

Flutter has become the fastest-growing open-source SDK and UI framework for cross-platform app development. Hiring Flutter developers is the first choice of leading companies because of its reliability and versatility, which helps in boosting app performance. Because Flutter is designed from the ground up to build high-performance, high-quality native apps. 

Google products (Stadia, Google ads, Google assistance)

Google is not only the creator of the Flutter but also an early adopter that uses it for most of its products. And Google Ads is one of the Google products, giving a reason why to use Flutter. It’s an online advertising platform that allows the creation of ad campaigns based on tangible data, targeting mobile applications, websites, and any online platform. You can track your ads in real-time and also contact fellow Google experts.

Reflectly app

Reflectly app was built in React Native for iOS initially. However, they started facing problems when they wanted to launch an Android app. The team turned to Flutter to grow faster and decided to rewrite the code. Thankfully, their app was ready to launch on Android and iOS in just two months. Since then, Reflectly has appeared as an inspiring example of Flutter.

Alibaba Group

The greatest retail platform Alibaba group also uses Flutter for Xianyu secondhand goods app, Taobao Special Edition, Hema Fresh (Freshippo), Youku, and Fliggy. They believe Flutter’s technical features, such as cross-platform capabilities, highly-expressive UIs, and efficient delivery, attract developers.

Why Use Flutter

eBay Motors

eBay Motors application allows users to buy and sell vehicles without hassle. Users can browse the offers in just a few taps, post advertisements about new cars, and bid for the car they like. To launch their app on both Android and iOS in 2019, the team opted for Flutter. Now their apps share 98.3% of the code.

Hamilton Musical app

Hamilton Broadway Musical’s owners wanted to develop a musical app for Android and iOS. And so they opted for Flutter as they perceive it to be agile, faster, and more fun to work with. Consequently, Flutter helped them provide a delightful user experience.

Philips Hue

Philips has used Flutter since 2018 and also built Philips Hue– a smart-home lighting mobile app with Flutter. The app allows users to organize, control and customize Philips Hue smart lights and accessories. Flutter helped them achieve the complex functionality and made it user-friendly and accessible for everyone.

The New York Times

When Flutter extended programmers’ ability to use the code for desktop and web apps in 2019, the New York Times took advantage and created the KENKEN puzzle game app. As a result, it produced a beautiful, native experience for web and mobile apps from a single codebase. It was one of the apps built using Flutter for the web.

Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile SDK

Why Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile SDK

From startups to enterprises, leverage a cross-platform approach for their native development. And many cross-platform app development frameworks and SDKs are available, such as Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, etc. Then, why use Flutter for app development? There are a few areas where Flutter outshines its competitors and has become the primary choice for cross-platform development. For example;

Flutter is budget-friendly

Flutter offers staggering code reusability. It allows you to write code once and use it to create apps for mobile devices, web, and desktop, together with extensive support for IDEs. Consequently, you won’t have to code the same features separately for different platforms or maintain multiple codebases. And that’s how Flutter saves you tons of time and money. We have a dedicated post on how much flutter app development costs, just in case.

Look and feel like Native

Besides SDK, Flutter is also a UI framework, and everything in it is a widget that you can customize as per your requirements. Moreover, it offers special widgets for Material UI for Android apps and Cupertino for iOS-specific apps. Using such widgets, you can create a user interface that looks similar to native Android and iOS apps. This is one of the top reasons why use Flutter for your business app.

Default High Performance

Flutter apps are usually performant and highly optimized for speed, surpassing existing cross-platform application development platforms, such as React Native or Apache Cordova. By default, Flutter aims to provide 60 frames per second performance, or 120 fps performance on devices capable of 120Hz updates. And all thanks to Flutter’s unique rendering mechanism. 

Unlike transitional frameworks that compose native widgets on the screen, Flutter renders UI components using a high-performance graphics engine, Skia. Skia is a two-dimensional, highly optimized graphics engine that gives Flutter an advantage over other cross-platform SDKs in regards to default performance. Now you have another reason why use Flutter.

Flutter Migration

Flutter is a highly flexible cross-platform app development framework, and its add-to-app functionality is the biggest proof. Google’s brainchild offers unique functionality to integrate Flutter into your existing app piecemeal. In other words, if you want to use Flutter in your existing app, you don’t have to rewrite your app in Flutter altogether.

It is very quick to get your app running on Flutter without affecting the performance. If you want to migrate your existing iOS or Android app to Flutter, here is the key.

hire in house or remote developers

Hire in-house developers or hire remote developers? 

There are many reasons to choose Flutter over other cross-platform SDKs. However, one factor that also needs your attention is Flutter app developers. To your surprise, you don’t have to rely on freelance developers or hire a Flutter app development company. You also don’t need to hire in-house Flutter developers and bear their maintenance more than your project costs.

You must be wondering, then, how to develop a Flutter app if you are not a programmer, right? So, you have the most cost-effective and efficient solution, i.e., hire remote Flutter developers. Yes, you can hire developers from a leading Flutter development company like us and get your project developed in a stipulated time.

Benefits? You can hire our one, two, or a team of Flutter developers as per your project requirements. There are multiple flexible hiring models you can choose to onboard our developers. Not to mention, you get experienced Flutter developers at no additional cost.

So, what are you waiting for?

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