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Flutter App Development Cost

Everything You Must Know About Flutter App Development Cost

Sagar Bagsariya,

In the process of making life easier and more convenient, mobile apps play an important role. You are just a click away from everything. Right from booking a cab, ordering food to purchase clothes, or finding a perfect life partner, mobile apps do everything for your comfort. These apps have increased the pace of your life. Android and iOS are the two main platforms on which your mobile apps are deployed in the market. However, this confuses app makers/developers to choose the right platform. And this is when the most popular hybrid cross-platform domain Flutter came into the frame.

Cross-platform apps are gradually taking over the native app development market. And why not because it is time-saving, Cost-efficient (huge), and most importantly native-like-performance characteristics. All these benefits have overpowered the native market. In this article, we will talk about how much it costs to develop and maintain a Flutter mobile app.

But Let’s Know Flutter First,

Launched by Google in 2015, Flutter is an open-source hybrid mobile app development platform. This hybrid platform is used by entrepreneurs to develop native-looking iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.

Apart from that, its advanced widgets and tools, allows app developers to create attractive apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, the applications created in Flutter are developed with the use of an object-oriented language i.e. Dart.

So if you have been planning for Flutter App Development and wondering about the Flutter mobile application development cost, you will have to understand a few factors on which the Cost to Make a Flutter App & the cost of Flutter app maintenance entirely depend. Moreover, before you hire Flutter developers, this in-depth analysis will be helpful in making the correct decisions on who to hire:

Advantages of Flutter Mobile App Development

Being open-source, it is easy for developers to learn about it. Additionally, the app developers can post their problems in the open developer forum.

The expedited development time is the most talked-about advantage of Flutter. It speeds up the time of progress in a number of ways like hot reload functionality, detailed documentation, and platform-specific widgets. With specific widgets, you can create attractive mobile apps with amazing UI.

When compared with other native apps, Flutter is free of compatibility issues. And hence, you would hardly face any compatibility issues between iOS and Androids.

App developers look upon Flutter for its simple open-source language, Dart. It is quite easy to learn and compile Dart into native code. Since Flutter has its own widgets, you would not need to access OEM widgets. This leads to less communication between the platform and the app enabling it to operate smoothly.

With easy language Flutter also helps in boosting the productivity of developers. Every time any changes are made, developers do not need to recompile the code as the change is immediately visible after it is saved.

The usage of a single-codebase has made Flutter quite popular among app developers. Moreover, Flutter is popular as a hybrid platform as it facilitates the creation of a single codebase compatible with building apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and other Operating systems. 

Consequently, this saves a lot of time as developers don’t require writing different codes in different languages for different platforms. Moreover, Flutter ensures quality and an increased pace than other native apps.

Since Flutter is a cross-platform or hybrid platform, it helps in providing a wider reach than other available native apps.

Value-added Features Of Flutter

Being based on a single-codebase, Flutter saves testing time as well. Hence, mobile app testers need to test the application on different devices rather than testing the codebases of different apps. Here again, Flutter saves testing time as the team has to test the single version of the app only.

The last factor that has evolved as an advantage of Flutter is that it is backed by Google. Of course, it has comprehensive documentation, the stability of updated versions, and surety that nothing can subdue it.

Apart from this, Google has tied up with a CD solution, Codemagic, which helps in automatically detecting, testing, and developing the package of the built application without any configuration. In turn, this increases the scalability of the platform and further helps to integrate quickly with larger applications.

Other than these above-presented advantages, there are many other factors that impact the overall cost of developing the Flutter App. Moreover, on the surface, a few stages of app development on the Native or Flutter platform are quite similar. So below-mentioned are the stages, which help in the estimation of Flutter app development cost:

App Discovery Cost

App Deployment Cost

Other than these two steps, the following steps play a vital role in estimating the cost of Flutter app development:

The Complexity of App

Based on five factors, every app can be demarcated into three categories i.e. Low, Medium, and High Applications. And the five factors include the following:

  • Deployment Architecture Model
  • Admin Panel Development
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Use of Device’s In-Built Features
  • Integration with the Enterprise.

Moreover, this complexity is the cost deciding element, the more complex app development, the more it costs.

Focus on Hardware

The next element, which helps with the estimation of the cost of developing the Flutter App is hardware. The number of hardware connected with your application is directly proportional to the development cost. In simple words, the more hardware you connect with your app, the more will be the cost of its development. Thus, it is expensive to develop and integrate an app with a legacy system.

Application Category

The estimates of the cost to make a Flutter App vary according to the category of the app you are developing. All apps are different from each other when it comes to their features or functionalities. Some may have basic functionalities while some may have complex ones like asking users to create an account, and so on.

Moreover, these features estimate the Flutter mobile application development cost. For example, the cost of a length converter app will be less than the food ordering app.

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Design of the Application

Since the design of the app is obviously the most essential part to attract more users, it should be known that a detailed, smoothly operating, and free-flowing design does not come free. It is not even available at low costs. Apart from that, in order to achieve an absolutely stunning design, you need to pay some amount.

Moreover, this is where Flutter relieves low-budget enterprises as it offers low design costs. And hence, it works best when it comes to startups and entrepreneurs who run short of huge investments.

Maintenance of the App

The development of the app never comes to an end. You cannot just leave your app after its deployment. You will need to maintain it and update it regularly to provide your users the best out of using it. Moreover, this can be done by updating it to meet the demands of your users and attract new users.

And hence, the cost of flutter app maintenance is undeniable whether you like it or not. Basically, the Flutter app focuses on three points when it comes to maintenance. The main three points are as follows:

App updates at regular intervals: Its cost totally depends on the developer who knows when an update is required.

Changes in design: Timely changes in your app design help in attracting new users and do not make your app look outdated in front of your competition.

Fixing app bugs: Who does not like a bug-free app? So, it is recommended to keep detecting bugs and fix them from time to time for the smooth functioning of the app.

Flutter App Development Cost

Location of your Agency

The location of your agency also plays a crucial role in calculating the cost of Flutter app development. Different geographical locations have different costs and it impacts the Flutter mobile application development cost without a doubt. For example, rates of Flutter app development are much higher in a USA agency than in any Eastern nation agency.

Moreover, a very simple formula approach in order to determine the Flutter mobile application development cost is to calculate the number of hours an app development company takes and multiply it with billable hours. Mathematically it can be stated as:

UI/UX design hours + hours taken to develop Flutter app + Backend server * rate of app developers per hour

Calculating The Average Flutter App Development Cost

After exhaustive research on different apps and statistics, we have selected three most-talked application types to take as examples. Let’s take a $50/hour rate to calculate the cost, as it is the average development rate globally. Given that software development rates start from $25 and go up to $200+ in some countries.

Flutter App Development Cost For Transport Apps


  • Sign up
  • Sign in (by email and Facebook)
  • Push notifications
  • User profile
  • Payment system
  • Ride booking
  • Ride payment + coupons
  • Geolocation
  • Driver’s side

Approx time-span – 462 – 632 hours

Average Cost ($50/h) $23,100 – $31,600

Flutter App Development Cost For Video Streaming Apps

Basic features:

  • Sign up
  • Sign in (by email and Facebook)
  • Personal profile
  • Search system
  • Streaming protocols
  • Player integration
  • Stream management (launch/shutdown, set bitrate)
  • Chat
  • Donation system
  • Payment gateway
  • Channel management
  • Push notifications

Approx Time-span – 760 – 914 hours

Average Cost ($50/h) – $38,000 – $45,700

Flutter App Development Cost For Messenger Apps

Basic Features

  • Registration
  • Sign in
  • Chatting
  • Sending media files
  • Voice Messages
  • Group chats
  • Voice calls
  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Search

Approx time-span – 699 – 950 hours

Average Cost ($50/h) – $34,950 – $47,500

Note: The above-mentioned costs are for basic applications with features you can see in the table. (If you are convinced already, then hire flutter developers from here:) and if you are not, please keep continue)

Special Note

Flutter is growing and those who opt for this marvellous cross-platform SDK grow with it. So now it’s up to you when you start delegating your success to Flutter. As a technology expert, I would say you better start looking for a reliable Flutter app development company

Because, with Flutter SDK something else is progressing as well, i.e., the cost to develop a Flutter app. Rest is up to you, but know that our inbox is always open for all the dreamers!

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