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Why Is Developing A Real Estate App So Much Important To Lead The Industry?

Develop Real Estate Mobile App

Mobile applications have taken the real estate industry by storm. With simple and intuitive real estate apps, real estate agents and brokers to real estate startups can spontaneously grow their business.

Yet if you want to take a rain check for real estate app development solutions, here are some benefits as food for your thoughts. Real estate mobile apps,

  • Never fail to satisfy clients with user-friendly experiences;
  • Offer access to data on the go;
  • Keep clients and owners updated with the latest posts;
  • Streamline buyers and sellers communication;
  • Enable direct client engagement;
  • Easily extend market reach;
  • Get more property listing, and so business;
  • Offer a personalized experience;
  • Get deals done faster with omnichannel presence;
  • Keep track of commissions to charge and from which party;
  • Gain customer feedback and loyalty;
  • Automate buying and selling as well as maintaining rental properties;
  • Raise the bottom line of your real estate business.

For Remunerative Real Estate Mobile App Development

Technology Trends For Real Estate Software Development

Develop Real Estate Software

Big Data

Big Data is transforming the real estate market by empowering realtors with a wider scope of analysis, accurate property evaluations and prospecting, marketing, and sales coupled with property development.

Real Estate App Development Solution

AI and Machine Learning

Real estate agents heavily rely on AI and ML's ability to collect and process data efficiently to "predict" the future and help their customers make informed decisions with preferred property recommendations.

Real Estate Software Development

Internet of Things

One of the craziest trends in real estate development is IoT, making properties even smarter and manageable through IoT-enabled mobile apps.

Who Reaps Benefit Of Real Estate Software Development

Real Estate App Development Company
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    Startup Agencies In Real Estate Sector
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    Existing Realtor Firms
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    Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate App Development Solution
    Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Software Development
    Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate App Development Services
    Real Estate Property Flipper
  • Real Estate App Development Company
    Real Estate Developers
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    Real Estate Marketers

Our Services

Our Expertise In Real Estate App
Development Services

We understand what matters the most to our clients. At Kody Technolab, you get versatile, reliable, and cost-effective mobile application solutions for your real estate company, equipped with the latest technology and adaptability.

  • Vacation Or Short-term Rental Application
  • Property Listing App Solutions
  • Real Estate Chatbot/Live Chat App Solutions
  • On-demand B2B & B2C Real Estate App
  • App Solutions for Landlord And Rental Property Managers
  • Online Property Booking Software Solutions
  • Real Estate Agent/Property Dealer Website Solutions
  • Real Estate Buy/Sell Marketplace App Solutions
  • Real Estate Aggregators Software Solutions
  • Real Estate Listing and Agency Website Solutions
  • Property Management Apps

Grow Your Real Estate Business With Mobility

Why do entrepreneurs count on us?

Overcome all your real estate business obstacles and take your business to the next level by developing a real estate mobile app with us!

Develop Real Estate Software

Team Of Gen Y & Z:

Having creative heads of two generations allows us to keep our promise of delivering innovative tech solutions.

Real Estate App Development Solution

Think Like Users:

We tailor the coherent UI/UX design for each software product we build by putting ourselves in the prospective users’ shoes.

Real Estate Software Development

Expertise Matters:

Dealing with various types of clients has gained us extensive experience to try and succeed in different areas.

Real Estate App Development Services

Modern Approach:

Nobody has time to build software from scratch every time to adopt new technology/trends; hence, we follow versatile tools and strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to develop a real estate application with our most frequently asked questions

Real estate app development produces mobile applications aiming at making the process of property transactions online and quick. These apps go under a series of development and design in respect to making it easier for sellers, buyers, realtors, landlords, and even investors to find each other conveniently.

By developing a real estate app, realtors can keep their customers informed about the latest developments and schemes and show ongoing projects, properties on sale, etc.

You can find tons of emerging real estate mobile apps with accessible and highly interactive features and appealing designs to inspire your project. Yet, if we were to give names that have caught attention worldwide are; Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia.

Three primary sources of income for real estate app owners are:

  • Use a Freemium model when you offer basic app features for free and advanced functionality at a subscription cost;
  • Allowing third parties like other real estate agents or property management companies to advertise on your app;
  • Offering your real estate app as a white label solution for other realtors.

You can add real estate app features according to your business requirements. However, some top-notch features that work wonders for your real estate apps are:

  • Onboarding
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Search and Filter
  • GPS Integration
  • Calendars For Schedules
  • Apartment Descriptions
  • Currency Converter
  • Push notifications
  • Messenger and forum
  • Virtual tours of Properties

The cost to develop a real estate mobile will depend on your project requirements and other factors such as:

  • Discovery Phase,
  • UI/UX design,
  • Frontend and Backend development,
  • QA.

It’s advised to consult with a mobile app development agency to get a quotation for your project.